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The carol of panthers versus the new orleans st is gonna be in the dome there in new orleans uh i pick while blake goes first exodous time blake goes on this round i am going to go the saints on this'll yeah i think i am too this is the one that was that tore me the most because they think cam newton on turf can be amazing but ray who do you choose panther saints i think all right and then oscar panthers saints image to say all right so very close looks like the only difference was ray pick in the falcons instead of the rams so rahab have a great weekend watching football therapy i will ask birthday again q and say you again that happy birthday levied by hockey ray that'some and that nice all the abuse that i bet the read it bothers old those happy birthday to wave but wait now so he's the he's the nice he is the he's your example of how to be nice yes and how you've how do you feel like you measure up to him no we're talking about you being orion on oh no no no yes see don't believe you you know i'm really excited for these games i could get eu before wildcard weekend because they're usually take last year was a let down if i'm not mistaken but they're usually pretty damn good they're fong and the fact that we have so many different teams in the playoffs this year the five last year i think is also very fun so anywhere that'll make a great this this month of january is gonna be some great football time of course in the super bowl i think is on the fourth of february and to have you on come over super bowl yeah gonna party can i mean yeah yeah what would you like me to brain was going to invite oscar again but i don't know full show up again oh did he not shellblasted and it is going to be well now segment now i know that i know that i have an intervention crazy this time i.

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