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But sounds more like 9 P.m. local time Bass kicks it off after the 51 yard field goal on this is returnable for Hardman working his way to the right side. And that is Pringle, who is angled out of bounds out towards the 35 yard line. So Patrick Mahomes question marks as to how he's gonna handle himself in this situation. Tony last week Divisional round. It was a freak injury. It was not your normal concussion by any stretch some of the crowd artery and, you know Injury. I'd never even heard of on the football field. But I think the bigger injury that everyone's worried about the chief's organizations that perfect from the 35 homes will throw it to Kelsey to the near side cannot break away. Kelsey makes a clean catch. But he gets stuffed by Levi Wallace after a two yard pick up through the year, the most dangerous tight end in the NFL this season. The guy has been dominant six straight 1000 yard seasons. We have the best pass catchers in this game stuff. Hunting's is one Travis Kelsey is number two and four tied in He is like a wide receiver. He could match up against any defender and take him to school. Second down and long. The homes working out of the shotgun line of scrimmage from the 36 handoff running inside towards the left on Clyde Edwards layer back in the lineup will see how much Andy Reid goes to him as he plows that left side. A 40 yard line on afford a half yard games. Fisher Allegretti writer Wiley and Rivers up front for Kansas City. The ultra dangerous Tyree, killing one wide receiver McColl Hardman, the other Sammy Watkins not available. We already mentioned the credentials of Travis Kelsey. Third down and four Kansas City trying to convert here from the left half from the 41 homes down the middle of the field, lost one and it's dropped by Tyree Kale in double coverage along the left side. Hill could not haul it in and it's fourth down. What a great throw by patch from homes. Tyree kills working his name. It's white. It's too, man and so dream today means White knows he has helped over the top, but it's a corner route. Impassable homes, threads the needle into the small hole. That's there and hiring killed just cannot come down with it without it being a big play Tommy towns and cunning no rush high kick. Andre Roberts waiting for the 16 brings it in cleanly and gets hammered immediately. Roberts holds on to the football. Very fortunate. With the hit that he took right away that he did not cough it up. So the bills get it back. They got a three Nothing lead Josh Alan and the Bills offense coming back on the field with 9 58 to play opening quarter..

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