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In the i e right now 73 in los alamitos at 75 in seal beach 76 and carson and to eighty in calabasas we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm debra mark mitchell can't show john and ken shipu kfi am 640 welcome everybody welcome ah while i was aware friday night that some sort of white nationalist group was getting together virginia they've done something at the university of virginia got attention and of course saturday is when all hell broke loose with this rally this march for this crazy guy who drove his car over the crowd killing one wounding dozens sort of talked with abc news is ryan burrow he is in charlottesville virginia as a story keeps unfolding ryan houria armed i'm doing all right here kuwait if we've got an and just go after hour so first of all nine people remain hospitalized but all in good condition after that car slammed into the group of people i dunno you've at a camp to watch that video very difficult to watch um but the government it was involved in that uh leak the suspect involved in that one uh seems to be uh someone who looking at as though it uh i'm sorry it it worked through toby ah the person would remain in jail and uh he appears to have some kind of background with neonazi backgrounder picket kate background to the pathetic to hitler uh according to some people when he remains behind bars though without aren't right now yeah all the way back to early high school this is james fields he was a twenty years old of nazi ism grew up in kentucky the family moved to ohio which is where he was apparently employed is like a security guard or something like that isn't seemed like you had much of a life going on the agriculture you're only make covering fifty dollars a month early brokerage could not afford to get it on private attorney and stakes are getting a public defender are who couldn't be a public defender here in charlotte though because the public defender apparently the rocard who was involved in the demonstration grip open fell out of contention so they're good work i'm a lurked in the find him from one out so is.

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