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They also have no. Evidence, of a conspiracy or second gunman Clark county sheriff Joe Lombardo said Stephen paddock was quote an unremarkable man who showed signs of a troubled mind leading up, to the October for shooting on the Las Vegas strip but authorities don't have any clear answers Houston's. Police chief says a, man accused, of killing one a former president George. H W, Bush is doctors killed himself when, confronted by authorities chief art osservato said today sixty two year old Joseph James Pappas died from a single self inflicted shot to the head during a confrontation with police sausalito reports at Pappas had body armor on during that confrontation what he's being, investigated for possible sexual misconduct CBS chief less moon bats continues to run the company Here's ABC's, pilgrim speaking, publicly, for the first time since sexual misconduct allegations against him rock the company he's run for two decades good afternoon everyone. And thanks for joining us today but the millionaire mogul ignoring the elephant in. The room not addressing the accusations speaking, only about CBS financials on a public earnings call as you can see for more results CVS turned in very strong quarter. None vez in control and even praised. By at least one, investor flush it's amazing how much you've diversified CBS. Revenue over the last five years not one. Person asking him about, the seven women accusing him of sexual misconduct alleged. Offenses, ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault CBS is higher two prominent female attorneys to look into the claims against Moonves and the culture at CBS this as, the LA times reports the CBS board has known for months about allegations from one accuser telling police That he sexually assaulted her three. Times in, the eighties the LA county district attorney's. Office determining the incidents are outside the statute of limitations, CBS and moon vez are not commenting on this latest allegation but he has. Previously denied assaulting anyone or misusing his. Position of power and earlier this. Week CBS films president a female executive Terry press posted a statement asking. If we're examining the industry as it existed decades before through the lens. Of two thousand eighteen should we also discuss a path to learning reconciliation and forgiveness again that's ABC of a pilgrim a war. Hero shot dead by police in Colorado this week his family says the department made a very big mistake. Aurora's police chief says the scene, was chaotic and violent frantic nine one one calls at one thirty, Monday morning Police say that intruder. Twenty-six-year-old Shaun Harper came barging into the house that Chad Heo she shared with. His parents and two kids I just immediately shot into the bathroom to find this, naked guy soaking wet holding on is back with his feet out of the tub. Shocking my son biting his left ear Taya she's father Seventy-three-year-old, Gary black grabs a gun and opens fire killing Harper but seconds later. As police arrive because, this thirteen shots fired at one, officer mistakenly shoots black officers continue to give at least five commands to Mr. black to drop the gun and to show his hands he begins to raise the flashlight towards your officer still. Has, the gun in the other, hand and it was at that time that my officer fired, four rounds causing Mr. black to fall to the ground. Blacks family insist police did not give the decorated Vietnam, veteran enough time to comply do you think the Aurora Police screwed up Kobe time lived here he. Died data hero I'd be dead my son will be dead my mom my. Daughter we'd all be dead Was it for him the, police chief says that black was hard of hearing and. May never have heard orders to drop the, gun there is body, camera footage of this shooting but the family says they. Do not, want it release they, want to focus on Gary blacks life not how he died but they say they have many. More, questions than answers.

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