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J. eighty nine yards on a slant to the house the longest career touchdown for Beckham brown's now lead the jets twenty three to three Baker Mayfield is thrown for two fifty five in a touchdown recommends four catches for a hundred and forty three yards and that score Nick Chubb also was a rushing score as for the jets will not much to brag about tonight they're starting quarterback Trevor Simeon out with a leg injury Luke fox has come in so is technically the backup tonight but really the third string quarterback for the jets and not much going on offensively for New York just seventy two yards passing for fox a levy on Bellis sixty nine on the ground but again twenty three to three Browns lead the jets third quarter. with three minutes to play. in that stands up. tight elsewhere big trades Steelers according to a report our trading a twenty twenty first round pick to the dolphins for defensive back make it fits Patrick that on the same day we find out that Ben Roethlisberger will have surgery on his right elbow and he'll miss the remainder of the season change drew Brees expected undergo phones surgery that could sideline him about six weeks meanwhile Jaylen Ramsey's requested a trade from the Jaguars cal boys receiver Michael Gallup. he needs a procedure on his left knee that could cost him two to four weeks also eagles defensive tackle ten journey again suffered a broken foot Sunday night Maggie could be done for the year as well. by turning our attention now to baseball top of the eighth inning cardinals leave the nationals forwarded to seventh inning in Chicago Cubs of a five two lead on the Reds Rockies we the next seven to four in the sixth also in the third time in back seven to nothing within the Marlins bottom of the first in Oakland he is easily the Royals through the one. I'm John.

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