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Okay away. News radio time is 12 02 States Health Department says schools have been able to, for the most part limit widespread covert 19 outbreaks. New data from the department indicates a cohort ng mask wearing and disease investigation seemed to be working. The data shows K through eight students are less likely to transmit the disease in school than high school students. No changes for Jefferson County schools at the moment because of rising covert 19 cases. The district's board talked about the issue Wednesday. How do we have as few disruptions toe learning as we can? Just learning but also some mental health concerns and how this impacts families going back and forth. Board member Stephanie Schooley superintendent says they will make a decision about the future direction for their learning models. By the end of the day Thursday. We now know where the 2020 High School football championships will be played all seven championships in 2020 will be held at the Needle and Eddie Darrow's Thunder Bowl on the campus. Of Colorado State University Pueblo chances. Adam Bright says the games will be Thursday, December 3rd through Saturday, December, 5th right, says this is about giving the players of memory they won't forget. And while this year may not look exactly like it has in the past We set out with the goal of being our kids the opportunity to compete and deceived. We get off our culminating events, and what that's done is it slows to this point and I'm excited where we are and what that's gonna look like for this year, right? Says 1400. Fans will be allowed in the stands, but that number could go down of covert 19 cases continue to rise. As the Cameron Peak fire gets closer to full containment repair efforts are underway. One of the big efforts right now is up along the dead Man Road and associated roads adjacent to that. We're in the process of cleaning up a lot of the trees that were cut to form control lines. Processing those into logs as resource officer Tom Bates, the Cameron Peak fire is 92% contained. I'm Chad Bauer on K O a news radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM Friends Sports Traffic Center, the only cones on activity causing problems right now school closure of sound prom night. 95 at Tamarack four sign installation. Beyond that you're gonna make the time with chorus Highlands Ranch on C 4 70 84 seventies in good shape speeds Normal in six to Lakewood shouldn't have any problems on I 70 across town 36 Between here in Boulder, You're gonna find speeds normal. And if you're heading to and from the airport everything's looking good on Pina Boulevard on 31 10 point Whether you can expect an overnight low of 20 tomorrow, Sunshine Higher 47 tomorrow night, so I was gonna be about 20. And then on Friday, it's gonna warm up the 57. Currently it's 29. I'm Jerry. Uncle on K Away news radio live everywhere on the I Heart radio and you've got a shot to win $1000.

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