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Tell you i take a deep breath in my pulmonologist office. He raves amount. My of my lung capacity. I swear asthma. I know he's on the phone. Get among raves about nine tumor on your extracted. The sound of the stethoscope on my lungs puts him in a euphoric state. He says that for my age my breathing when everything is clear is just phenomenal. Gamma put it on the poll. Please does your pulmonologist rave about your lung capacity or no. Yes you mentioned dr great. He's my favorite all my medical staff one story that we should put a bow on for the week because we have obsessed over it for those of you who are interested in the little sports media. Soap operas. i found the timing of a leak yesterday to be interesting before the game before there would be a result that would take leverage to the point that maria taylor may or may not sit out a game six on disney television right before the game was played that phoenix could have won and made that a series that ended in five games bang. There's a leak. She's close to going to nbc. And the reason. I thought the leak was interesting is just because okay. Espn here you go. It's on the doorstep with nbc. Let's see what your best offer is here before game. Six and see if you're star talent sits this out game six and then leaves the company because she doesn't like what your situation is on diversity and just leaves to further her career as the report comes out that she's on the doorstep of joining nbc. And i've heard from a couple of people now enough. Feel like it's strong. This ain't about money and if it's not because espn doesn't have the best offer. If all you care about is money nbc makes a lotta sense kind of do the same way. I don't really pay attention. To all the sports properties that they have. I know they're phasing out. Nbc as as a as a cable channel available. But they've got the olympics. They haven't really replaced. Bob costas as a pseudo host for everything. There is a nice piece of real estate for maria taylor. Totally dominate for nbc. My they have sunday night. football yet. Notre dame football notre dame football the olympics. His massive They're they're putting a bunch of sports exclusively on peacock yet. No they got a lot of property. Espn is really trying to keep her though. And what i'm telling you is we're now going to be faced with the game. Six scenario of she will tell you whether there's enough money in the world because everything that's happened has been to this leverage point. You never see this happen. Where a where. All disposable kenny mayne was offered a sixty one percent pay-cut. They're very few people that they are really trying to keep because we're all very disposable. They've realized the reason prices are dying is because he doesn't really have any real competitors anymore they don't have to worry about it and they can just say we've been overpaying for years we can get rid of all of you none of you manner except for a couple of you. But she's one that does she has made herself over the last eighteen months. Somebody that they're really trying to keep because they didn't try to keep burial. Hawaii tried to keep kenny mayne. You can really try to keep somebody. And what i'm telling you. She's about to make a decision that looks like looks like i don't know what's going to happen here at the final moments but looks like there's not enough. There's not enough money in the world given what's happened over the last twenty nine of the espn's money right. But that's what. I'm saying what i'm telling you is that. Espn is the most incentivized to pay her. The absolute best and disney plus has made a real killing disney is now running. Espn in away. That's much more hands on than it's been an. Espn plus is actually going up in price. The plan is to put more sports properties on that. Thankfully the bundles staying at the same price because of all the streaming services had subscribed to i use. Espn the lease right now. We probably shouldn't end on that note. What a personal story. Just e i use. Espn plus the least probably not well the way the algorithm works because of megaphone are hosting site is. The chances are higher than most that that is going to be directly followed by an advertisement for espn plus and the..

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