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The the world has known this At least the scientific world has known that you know that about this vision process and the splitting of atoms and how can create these potentially theoretically create these weapons and The fact that there's that there's no word back kind of tells that they they are they either have it or they're really really developing it right now. And why wouldn't they. You know why. Why wouldn't they be developing it right now. You have this theory. And the united states is in a position to create this bomb They have the resources to create this project. You know they're not what you like you had mentioned earlier. There's not there's not a land invasion From the easter west coast either from japan or germany They're free to concentrate on the science and and miss on this project and In in create that and now with the creation of that bomb. You're creating you're making yourself masters of the world like there's no is no competition with. Yes especially if you're able to successfully detonate it and show that you're willing to use it. Which of the united states does twice. Yeah and the unfortunate part for the soviets here is that although they got all these signs that we were probably working on her release pretty far along in the process because we stop talking about it They basically wrote us off. They were like a lot of the older. Scientists in the soviet union. Didn't think that we could pull it off in. You know even ten years in any reasonable amount of time for it to make a difference in the war said eight. They thought it was just not important. Right now And you know it wasn't until after the potsdam conference in that we talked about that that the soviet union started picking up the pace added schwartz in that in that Paper broke talked about the inhumane conditions. that the soviet scientists were subjected to to accelerate the nuclear program. Things like they were working Incredibly long hours. Nobody took any holidays like they were forced notes. That the places. Yeah you ever hear about like Of video game creating designing. It's exactly like that. it's gonna go naughty. Naughty dog was like out of examples of this lizard already like that..

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