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Ars he was the regular host of CBC Radio One's Cross Country Checkup a nationwide Colin show for twenty one years before stepping down in September twenty fifty conceivable and I think youtube both youtube and podcasts are are are great examples about podcasts even more than you too because you to serve billion awesome selection of nights this fall or something gets tossed off until for nine years or more if a man looks to wrong way in China eeking sound Dan Camping in Korea we won't even go into in those countries if you want to say something even if it's not merely innocuous you really have to have courage rain's GonNa get together that would be too much to bear your interest but no he's got sixteen people good portion immigrant women he is insisting that they waxes penis testicles he's got here on the Lori and he's got sixteen of them under breath Carl young once said that internal contradictions are played out in the world has fate you know is that the thing about propositions if they're accurate is that they terrible bureaucracy is persecuting was a immigrant woman I believe she was uh-huh who had a on aesthetics business in her own home based as a consequence of of the negative publicity publicity and the pressure she shut down her Biz dot only knows what that means for her family began while in for her new asking about courage earlier you know one of the things that I have watched quite frequently is the way that people respond to being mobbed twitter yeah almost stopped looking at twitter it's been about three months that I've taken a twitter hiatus lead singer still post I I don't even have my password anymore I send what I WANNA post to third party and they post because it keeps me out of the Amanda suspect that's right exactly and that's exactly the right thinking about you know people civilized people in civilized socialized people can tolerate being mobbed because they can't because there's a reason for that you see you you said with regards to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal you know if they're sixteen people on one side and one on the other you might be thinking that the sixteen people are right more or less right right but then you think of the situation where you've said something on twitter and six thousand people mob you publicly I mean your first response if your your first response is going to be to examine your own conscience and see how you transgressed it's not really much different psychologically I mean it's lesser I suppose but it's not that much difference and then waking up one morning and coming to your door and finding a mob of your neighbors angrily at updated on your lawn you know it's terrible shock for people and it really hurts them you know they're often they're often by all accounts you know damaged for lengthy periods of time by this and the first their first impulses to apologize which is which is truly the wrong thing to do stand well the right thing to do is to is to is to understand that if you haven't done anything wrong you don't apologize now that's very difficult very difficult and then too wait wait two weeks people won't come to your defense what it takes the people who will come to your defense two weeks to get their act together it's the activists who are unbelievably organized fifteen seconds to view when there's two points to draw out of their first of all because you have now been almost our host into the world of celebrity multimedia vast attention I've dabbled in a lesser known for a long while so you adjust the kind of swirl okay but what I've never forgotten and I'm serious is that people who are not in it at all my father or agents I'm just backing up your point your name suddenly becomes the center of of some great putters snowstorm in pejorative terms and people are speaking of the most vulgar response it is a terror it isn't three dismiss it but people who have not experienced it is really really really something it's unbearable pain yes and they bring it down with club force and the great the great megaphones of national networks et cetera expunge person's personality with this Guy Paletti yes well in its permanent right because the record never disappears I'm put a person the question now when you because I know you had been on Youtube you put you knew the media in that sense but you weren't media person in your baptisms Harsh is it was how hard was it in the first couple of weeks for you to find balance in scaling maybe clinical psychologist and you are obviously mature oh I don't think I've ever Melanson and scale join clubs I don't believe it here in these great throbbing moment with all the off came in and he's hates this one and your name is flashed all over the world that was the first real magnitude of media attack on yeah so even for you how was that period well it was dreadful I mean especially the first couple of months because well because the attention was well it hasn't been since then but the attention was unbelievably intense I mean I had there were days upon days where there were reporters lined up coming into the house one after the other doubts that really hasn't stopped stopped let's say in the last two months since since the end of March however long without it's because I've shut myself off because of my I have some family health oh that's very serious but I don't take ever adjusted to it What's made it bearable I would say and some of it's been very good known and it's taken my life which was fairly broad a fairly broad range of experience this is partly because I'm a clinical psychologist and you know it's taken it from good to great and unbearable Yoyo between those states what's helped is the first thing is is that you know I determined right from the beginning that I was going to say carefully what I believe to be true because there wasn't a safer route than not it's interesting you know that that in the final analysis it wasn't certain that anything would protect me better than boiling too right well whether that would work or not was debatable. what there wasn't a better option yeah I believe that you know I still believe that and I think the success of what I've done is an indication about the success of my book say which is also absolutely overwhelming I mean it's impossible to now see I'm kind of yeah no I'm just about sixty tenure white male there's all of those are bad man yeah well the whole part I think has to the ability yeah well but you know it it's it's fulfilled and the lectures and podcasts as well and the youtube videos they've to fill the need which also is something that's very difficult for me to to reconcile myself to you know on every time I walk down the street someone stops me someone stopped me on the way here and as opposed to my treatment at the hands of a minority of journalists which is being atrocious upon occasion and academics as well the treatment I received from people in public is so positive that it's almost unbearable double let me tell you personally that relates to you I don't mix mild stuff with family members sisters non-political kind of person and uh as I say I don't mix those things she called me she's out of this world altogether she called me about a year ago have you seen Jordan Dr Jordan Pigeons Dr Love this stuff and she is following the videos biblical lecturers she's a smart Nice woman and then that was one thing that I was unsolicited should not in the world of publicity shows involve fads but somehow your name got in there and she's watching these with great attention very enjoyment actually but the one one particular friend of mine from home never finished school he's about fifty five fifty six so we're not into the team cohorts and he calls me up I don't think he's read a book and six years and he says I've been watching this Persson fellow I re- reproduce what he was saying adjusted he found such comfort and he he found such support and my thought when I was hearing this someway to relate to you in all the ping pong back and forth going these voices are saying something doing something really fine for people that I could never project would be receiving the it's it's an it's very this is also something that's been very difficult to both understand and I would say in a strange way to tolerate because I've become opened up to the trouble that people have in a way that far exceeds even what I experienced as a clinical psychologist you know last year my wife and I went to one hundred sixty cities it was well we figured we'd better make while the sun shines so they're stronger men than I be well you get caught up and you get caught up in wave of events and and the adrenaline self supplies while was it was it was exciting and worthwhile and the demand was there you know and fifths I enjoy lecturing I used the opportunity I delivered a different lecture every right and are used the opportunity to thank you know and and to communicate which of course is what you're psychologically in a manner that I believe could be psychologically helpful but it was also I think I don't know exactly what the cumulative effect on me off but I had no idea the degree to which sure so many dying for a word of encouraging people want that's what my friend was about a I'm speaking back to you on the same thing I know what he was saying he it felt no soft rain for a long time yeah and he was in this camp of the ruling neglected educated you're not particularly sophisticated a low paying job gets you yeah and then someone is out there of stature and credibility and this guy who would never be circle never you send an Echo Ping him and he was calling me and say my God this is something so allow yourself to feel good thing is the funny thing is is that it doesn't feel it doesn't feel good that might be reflection my general state of mind which is Unsettled at the moment for the reasons that I told you well because of all of everything that's happened over the last few years interest but to get a taste of the depth of despair that that can be mean rated with with the not much more than you know some some words of encouragement some some statement that you know you as a human being aren't intrinsically worthless and you have a spirit worth preserving and the things that you do in your life that you correctly are important it's like people are are literally dying from our code and I mean that I mean that not really wanted to sleep I don't know how many people have told me and these record things stay here it's being hundreds of people can meet people after each of my lectures who've told me that they are still alive because they watch lectures because they read my booker and then they usually have a good story to tell you about what sort of hell they happened to be in six months earlier and what they.

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