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I played basketball with dad said a perfect ally Tony brown you make your own enemies he loves doing this stuff I said it last night no matter what happens good or bad it is going to be big and it is going to be spectacular I'm not going to say it's the end for him in Oakland but when you go at your Joe manager Mike may OCW ready to fight him because of fines that you incurred because you're being too much aid being instead of being Antonio brown good team may be the guy they hoping that they were going to get but the wind up with this guy that we saw the interest to the Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio brown is always going to be entertaining but a certain point my Metcalf when does he stop entertaining and just relax and go out there and play football what what stops being entertaining when apparently wants to punch you in the face of the reports are true and your might may out but here's my thing Freddie are we pretending to be surprised we've been tending to be shocked it is is this the same guy who showed up to training camp in a helicopter a few years ago to god and stayed at Airbnb with the Steelers are the rest of his teammates rip training camp on campus is this the guy that you know didn't show up for work with the Steelers in the final week of the season is this the same guy that we're talking about the guy who's going to added online with former players and teammates and anybody who challenge him on anything this is a B. and Mike Mayock like a lot of people when you get some of these guys they assume I can change him don't worry when he comes with. he he's not gonna be the same guy he's going to be a different cat all together but you were never going to separate Antonio brown from a beat so for me if I might may I give I'm Jon Gruden from the raiders you did this to yourself absolutely no exactly what you were getting and Antonio brown is feeding off of his reality which is really been a fantasy world he's been living in because he's been so coddled but what do you expect Freddie if you give a kid can be every single day and then suddenly like Hey that's too much candy that's not the way it works you created this monster so I think we are seeing a B. do exactly what he's done throughout his career and he's just pushing the boundaries because no one is ever rain demand no one has ever told them that Hey man you can't do this you can't do that but this might be the first team that can stand up to him and said look even you're not bigger than the team from the social media department appears that Antonio brown has unfollow not only the Oakland Raiders but also Derek Carr an Instagram what Derek Carr do do you I need you to go at Derek Carr about hundred raise a Mike may Oct if he's the actual social media no involved there are called like Derek Hough told the GM doesn't like you what are you going to do about it but all of this with Antonio brown it to your point and I said it last night I've said all the time. if you don't realize it you've gotten into you can't complain when it stays the same that's why it was interesting that Jon Gruden after all this became public said I'm a motional about it I hope you understand why I think a lot of this guy and the Antonio is a great receiver and I think deep down he's a really good guy so I'm I'm frustrated I'm not gonna say anymore about it hope.

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