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The bears only to win tonight to keep pace with the rest of the NFC north after Green Bay Minnesota and Detroit all had wins on Sunday the bears in Washington tonight so is Adam hold any Pinheiros weeklong victory lap unfortunately ended with a knee injury in the weight room that could impact in tonight in Washington you know just kind of feel out the the pain pardon and if it's something that is going to affect on the wall of a decision to make if not then hopefully not you know hopefully he'll be okay to give the bears did not make a kicker transaction over the weekend a strong indication Pinera will play tonight but if hindered at all punter Pat o'donnell would have to take over the kicking duties covering the bears Adam Hogue WGN's four will have a special pre game addition of happen be with Kaz at six o'clock and they'll have a post game at ten fifteen and you can see tonight's game on WGN TV rough way to close out the home schedule. for the cubs losing their final six games there were three outs away from a win Sunday before the cardinals scored two of the night to pull out a three to win and finished off whatever hopes the cubs still have the NL central their only hope now is a wild card and that's a long shot there for games and back of both Washington and Milwaukee with six to play the white Sox closed out the road schedule losing in Detroit six three despite home run number thirty four Ricky a light Jimenez socks start their final home stand tomorrow against Cleveland which is still hoping to make the postseason the Indians tied for the second wild card in the American League for games behind Minnesota in the AL central and clubs in Alabama Georgia and LSU remain one through four in the AP college football poll while stayed up to number five in Wisconsin jumps to eighth ahead of Saturday's visit from northwestern Notre Dame fall slightly to tenth after a tough loss at Georgia Saturday night Dave at it WGN sports. right.

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