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And then I saw I was feeling good though, didn't hit me. And then and then two seconds later. I got an Email this. Which is probably that's another field. What may have how exactly you were? Both blind. See the blind C is is a deadly weapon when used the wrong way. Or when you have you guys. There was a story about an executive in Hollywood that sat highly confidential Email, and he sent by mistake to the whole staff. Right. And and that was the end of him that did him in. Yes, Email can can bring down empire. When I started hearing about the Email that was the emails that were blind CCD magic. I immediately thought of this part alleged alleged of the Magic Johnson press conference. A lot of things that went on that didn't have to go. And so I hope that after tomorrow Lincoln head in the right direction, which we are. Is really hurt us. But I enjoy working with genie side-by-side joy working Linda that was actually not at all. No, no that that does the backstabbing quote. Did he have the white? A lot of things that win. Yeah. Yeah. So there it is. There's Magic Johnson basically announcing one of the reasons he was stepping down is the the backstabbing the sneaky nece going around other people, and as it turns out as has been reported. It was rob Pelinka and Jeanie Buss exchanging emails about Magic Johnson and his performance or non performance and magic was blind CC'd on those how does that happen in a multi-billion dollar corporation? I don't say I I'm telling you this a look up this this case. But it it brought down the entire president of Showtime. But it doesn't it doesn't help the fact that it brought down. Magic know what you're saying. How could it happen? It happens at the highest level of, you know, this from your court case didn't they go through all of like, your emails and their emails and everybody's Email. Yeah. But I mean that was. That was different that was actual discovery right court case, this is just rob saying logic socks. And and and he magic is CC'd. I'm not gonna get high money on this topic. Because I once sent an Email to a boss that was intended for a co worker, essentially questioning and poking fun at said, boss, I Mike I've done that on techs tat. I did on even Texas does happen. So one time somebody Senate techs, and they really wanted to come on the show. It was somebody that was promoting something really wanted to come in the show. And I knew that we would never be able to have on the show, and I was texting with my Thompson hurled bus. So I just blamed Mike Thompson for it. Right. Said I said, hey, man, you know, Mason, and I would love to have you. We think you're great. But this boss, we have Mike Thompson is not going to allow it. He's just really strength. And I sent it just to my mic texts me back. He goes. So I'm kind of a jerk and I've called him. I went there was one famous one where with us that was Greg. That was great. How did me and want you hear about this? What happened? Greg texted me. And you know, he did he just texted me. He goes, I Roland doesn't know you're mad at him. I didn't say anything to him about it. Yeah. Because John kept texting evening. Like what's going on maintenance, obviously upset with me this? I known him for thirty years. I know when he's mad, and and then I wrote back the way this obviously wasn't intended for me, which one you guys is gonna come clean and your new your next text was one four letter word that starts with F. All in capital letters. That was a dumb move. So it worked out it was better that way, it's totally possible that it happens. Right. It does again happened to me sounds like an guys all of us levels of the marquee franchise in the National Basketball Association. Wait a minute. This was like great Greg just at we this is ESPN LA Tennessee's..

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