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Steps away that makes us great. Feel like we're not safe anywhere hasn't has a court appearance in Maryland tomorrow. Robert Muller may hand in his report in a matter of days. There's no legal requirement for the new attorney general William barter release it to the public CBS's Paula Reed during his confirmation hearing bar suggested he may publish a summary of Muller's findings, but House Democrats have said if the four port isn't published they will issue a subpoena prompting a legal fight that would likely end at the supreme court. The State Department says so called ISIS bride Mathon is not a US citizen and will not be allowed to return to this country from Syria. CBS is Holly Williams says the family claims Donna was born in New Jersey. The family lawyer told us that they will challenge the US government in court asserting that hold him. Without is an American citizen and has the right to go home where she would almost certainly face prosecution, California. Authorities say they salt the nineteen seventy-two murder of an eleven year old girl. Using a genealogical database that matched a DNA sample from the crime scene. Newport Beach police chief John Lewis says that seventy two year old James Neal was arrested skaters he's forensic DNA testing and online genealogy website identify the suspects DNA as being consistent with DNA left at the crime scene. Simply put our investigators how to lead this is CBS news. Dell's president's day sale is live get deals on Dell business computers with eighth gen Intel core processors, call eight seven seven by Dell or visit Dell dot com slash business deals. Tim, I'm in speaks for the first time defending his honor will tell you what he says in just a moment, but first radio realtime traffic..

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