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Sense that will russia is claim to have done in britain is part of a pattern of wider pattern of russian behavior and of course when i put it to miss the stoltenberg in what was nato gain to do in practical terms to respond to this he's was essentially that nato is already responding to this pattern and he pointed to the deployment of four battlegroups to the baltic republics and poland to the stepping up of a nato military presence in the black sea region and so on and we had in save category we do not want to and you called war we do not want an arms race but without stepping up in the way that he seemed to hint that they may well do how can that be avoided what of course remember nato is increasing its spending or other nato countries are increasing their spending i mean the event today was actually the presentation of his annual report for last year he said that actually there had been three consecutive years in which nato's european allies and canada had increased their defense spending significantly so again that is part of this response to russia's developing pattern of behavior some will say it's not enough yet but more money is being spent i was jonathan marcus in brussels the syrian civil war is entering its eighth year since it began more than four hundred thousand people on known to either be dead or missing it isn't just a fight between two sides many groups and countries are involved each with its own agenda making the situation far more complex and prolonging the fighting at the moment the focus is on the besieged rebel an cave of eastern guten near damascus tens of thousands of civilians remained trapped there today an aid convoy of twenty five trucks has headed into the main town of duma just the third such convoy to be allowed in since the syrian government launched its devastating offensive among.

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