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And welcome into episode one O 6. One O 6. Every time I say number, just boggles my mind. That is Connor Ryan. I'm Evan Marino ski Connor. What is up? Evan, I'm doing well. How are you doing? Doing great. Doing great. And we should tell people because this is important. This is pre recorded. This is not recorded on our usual Thursday. Connor is going on a big vacation, so we are recording this before Thursday. So if any big news breaks, I'll have reaction on bruins ringside YouTube channel. Don't worry. But this is recorded before. So we will not be touching anything that happens. So let's just say hypothetically, if bergeron and Craig should get resigned, it will not be covered in this episode. If anything, I think I'm doing you and bruins fans a favor by going on vacation because that's usually what happens. I believe it was last year I went to Las Vegas for a few days and up in the air. I happened to activate the Wi-Fi. And as soon as I did, you know, you got this string of notifications and it was all from the bruins and it was like, congrats on a great career, millsy. I was like shit. And then literally an hour later. And it was like, we have signed burning Kahlo to a 5 year contract extension. So two big things of news happened on one flight. So if you're looking for any news to break, you'll probably when I'm up in the air during this week. So you're welcome, everyone. And you're going, and you're going on a few flights because you had to do a few different places, correct? Yes, I'm going to New Orleans and Austin. I've decided you know what it's already a 100° up here in Boston. Might as well just keep it rolling. Let's keep it going here. Everything else. It's like a detox. It's like a sauna in and of itself. I don't have to go to a spa or anything like that. So it all works out. No reason. That's perfect. Yeah, just get it out, but this all on these flights, maybe bergeron will be re signed on the first flight. And then when you go to Austin, David, creature will be resigned. And then on the way home, I don't know, something else Rafael Devers will get traded. Like, yeah, it doesn't have to speed the bruins. This is true. It could be any Boston team. Maybe it's Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant. There we go. Exactly. So there's quite a bit that could happen.

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