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Now that I'm Mug club member. I can talk with you guys. Wendy you see the states start reopening. Well they already are actually. Yeah I mean I think some people again. This is because of the presentation of the Left. They've tried to make it sound as though it's a total reopening total shutdown. No we're seeing happening is beaches where people can go for exercise. They still need to practice social distancing. I mean res Res read the three-phase plan out there. You can see. It's very very reasonable approach. And you're seeing this in quite a few states where they are easing some restrictions for businesses and then gradually moving to rather than determining what is an essential business determining what is non essential. Yeah exactly reverse it. I don't care whatever the I think may I? It's probably what you're going to see a lot of states that was the original end of this period shutting down to begin with and so I think a lot of states are just gonNa play it safe for a few more days and then start gradually opening and may I be the day. Yeah people start opening today before the day that people will start opening up. Yeah other businesses and other question. It's going to be. I mean first of all. You've got a lot of different states that have a lot of different kind of political purposes. And what they're GONNA do in different economies that are affected in different ways. But not only that you have vast diversity of areas within the states themselves right the counties or the cities and when you look in the more rural areas. There's no reason why just given the nature of those areas. They can't ease restrictions a little bit more but it requires a requires attention. There's no headlines. There's nothing sexy about saying okay. Here's certain areas that we're going to do. And here's certain businesses in certain locations. None of that can be headlines on her. That's GONNA BE CNN. None of that's going to be. You know everyone panic. Or he doesn't have time for the he the wall. He came to see through the tears. Go I mean yes and I think you're right Gerald thereby may I you're going to see more of those things start to implement and what people should not be looking at is. Is this a complete opener? Not Right Open right. Yeah I would tell you that any state that sad opening back all the restrictions. Everyone go down your local stadium in Pakistan. No one's doing but but you would think that's what was happening based on the reports. That's a good point. We have a related Chad. Actually Zack from Michigan. Just talking about Governor Whitman. He said he's just curious. If I take my fishing boat out and receive a fine as something that they can actually do or is there any legal action that could be taken for denied my constitutional rights less freedom? Considering we do live in the USA that is an interesting question bill. What would happen? Let's say someone took a fishing boat out and were given a fine so I don't follow Michigan Law because I don't care but here's here's the reality right. Every county has their own rules. And if the rules are there in the written in their clear and they're being communicated you should follow those rules. Here's the practical effect. Let states unconstitutional. You and your boat you GonNa go hire a lawyer and fight for rent. Fifteen hundred hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars litigating. You're right to go out on a boat. Maybe maybe not right. I mean they might. It's a tough situation. But that's the practical reality and the impact of these laws. Is You know they'll have governors and you know county. Commissioners mayors will just go well. Let's just go ahead and write this law? We're GONNA write a three page law and we're just going to say nobody can go out and do this thing without actually thinking about the practical impact of that is so in that situation. You should follow the law. And even if you think it's unconstitutional. You're probably going to have a bigger problem. Just disobeying it. And more tariffs I would Surprise you guys flagrantly disregarding the constitutional regulations from the governor. That's the place where we need to get more guidances. The local politicians. We talked about this before they when they decide to go. And and You Know Sheriff says I'm not going to file the governor's rule because they think it's unconstitutional. They are putting their dicks on the line. Right there in that moment and saying we're not gonNA prosecuted in this county which is fine arrest people in this county. They may face consequences may be ousted. And it's a horrible position to put sheriffs and people who people who are the kind of police officers who you want right out there the kind of and I get it. Not all cops are perfect and not all cops are bad guys. Let's be really clear about that. They're human beings like any other profession. But the kind of cops who you want taking that oath are the kind of police officers and sheriff's that you see in Leon Manatee County in northern Michigan. Those are the kinds of police officers. You want because they're saying. Hey listen I don't want this a thirty. I shouldn't. I'm not granted this authority to tell people that they can't use their fishing boat. I'm not going to find them because I am here to uphold the constitutional law of the United States. It's a horrible position to put those kinds of officers. The kinds of officers and sheriffs who we want out there in when you demand that they enforce unconstitutional regulations. That's and that might discourage people from becoming police officers in the future who you want being cops you end up with nothing but mall. Cops and rent a cops who are on a power trip. We don't want that we want. We want sheriffs who say I don't want to exercise authority. And you know what's what do we call this? The the Batman investigation rule. I don't know for anyone who follows common just like the running joke. Oh yeah in the comic books that they would have Batman Task Force and it would be like the most junior blind deaf. Helen Keller detective in a room without any lights. And they're like Mara go get him they didn't want to get. And that is within the discretion. There there is the ability to say. Oh Yeah we're we're upholding it and we got our best guy tavern over there. I mean you just you just don't put your you don't you. Just don't put your energy and right now if you're flagrantly violating the law in front of a cop now you've put that cop on the spot right now of course what I'm saying. You're not even giving them an opportunity to look the other way. Oh exactly there's a prosecutorial discretion even at the attorney the DA's and that kind of thing. So you know what I like about. This is America finds a way to have common sense even when the politicians in the media is saying America a finds a way. I think. That's what you do as a citizen in these situations you find out you know no pun intended to. He'll die on right. I choose really bad ones. You should probably choose better ones. At some point this becomes through. Go out on the on the lake in a boat just a protest. But I don't think we're at that point yet. I think what they did in Michigan was great where they drove into the capital and they just basically locked everything down. They were still social distancing from one another but they did something in protesting. Hey this isn't right. And also they pushed back and said look. We don't like what you've done. And what we we're GONNA vote. We're going to vote and we're GONNA use that to get people out of office. That around and by the way Wade edited that question. It was governor half and skipped right over now too funny to say on Air So we yeah. We do have a couple of one more and then. I think we have to wrap this up. Okay Yeah Becky d. One says I want to say thank you to louder with crowder crew for opening my eyes. I used to be in the Bernie camp a couple of years ago. I really appreciate your specific brand of talking through arguments. Thanks from your atheist Vegan Latina Superfan. Well what do you mean? We opened her eyes which is an eight when she had six week old puppy to could have been maybe she reminded six weeks old. Well good well thank you very much. We could use some more VEGAN ATHEIST. Latinas six-week goals. There we go but thank you very much. I appreciate that and that means a lot. Thank you guys everyone out there. Of course it was. Oh by the way. Do Follow me on the instagram at louder with crowder because I'll be given away at twelve hundred dollars and better than shake shack. Yes you didn't check off and this is something right after the show. This is actually highlighted. Something that we're all in this together. We're really not now. We're all in this together as a country. Meaning that we are going round should be doing everything we can to move forward and support a fellow American absolutely that being said not everyone is affected the same way right and we talked about this before if I were if I were an eighty year old diabetic nightclub much harder than someone like me who. When I'm done with work I pretty much just go home and watch my shows so I will tell you this when people say we're all in this together and they talk about well the people who are most affected and they talk about race and they talk about people who might have less money. All that is true. People are different. Demographics are affected differently. But there is one that I think is being overlooked and this is something that is pretty important because I think it shows a lack of of scale a lack of actually understanding kind of how the economy works how it affects people. The big divide this is. We are not all in this together. Not everyone is a business owner. You need to understand. Is that right. Now Yeah you are affected obviously as an employee everyone infected but there is a business owner out there. We went through some numbers like thirty six percent of non restaurant or sorry. Non Grocery retail related businesses. Don't think that they're going to last. These people out there they obviously they worry about their livelihood. Just like you I think some people think that business owners have stockpiles of cash. That's clearly not the point. Clearly not not the case. Even with shake shack right they don't have stockpiles of cash upon which they can simply fall back. They're going to lose their living too but they also have the compression of trying to ensure that they can provide for ten fifteen fifty two hundred people right. They've built something up so that they can make a living but all of you make a living so when people say hey. I want to get mine right now. Hey this doesn't we're all in this together to what what why business trickled down one from the ground up. Well hold on a second business. Owners aren't all fat. Cats their most are certainly not millionaires. Most of them actually aren't making much more than upper middle class family. And by the way they should be wealthy if they create a business that adds value to peoples lives but these people will lose their livelihood. Just like you will and they will no longer be able to provide a livelihood for you. Moving forward there is a compression right now we can talk about minorities. We can talk about women we can talk about old people but economically small business owners out. There are so disproportionately affected the amount of stress. That they are carrying right now is not even comparable to someone who is going to receive a stimulus. Everyone has a tough time. I get it but if you have a business owner and you have a boss you think is pretty good. You know what maybe you should go out there and give them a hug. Let them well. Don't get mob but you know give them a virtual hug. Let me know that. Hey you actually appreciate them. Because some of this class warfare really alienates people who are automatically assumed to be daddy warbucks. I don't think they realize that not only shake shack the business. But what do you think about the guy who's running a local shake shack franchise? Exactly I mean McDonald's. Look how much money they make sure absolutely coca-cola absolutely what about the Bodega owner?.

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