Superintendent, Arne Duncan, Chicago discussed on The Michael Knowles Show


I imagine so as far as the policy it was it was nationwide these these guidelines some counties decide to adopt them are mike he was one of them but as far as duncan and the superintendent they actually know each other pretty well arne duncan got the superintendent his job at the chicago public schools so as far as those guidelines being implemented venture they shared some of the same views but ultimately what the purpose of things that could pave your intervention program where i i wish i could tell you michael that's the million dollar question because a lot of times they probably push these programs as compassionate they'll say oh we have too many racial minorities going to prison and it's there's a school to prison pipeline or something like that and you say okay well that's not good at those people should stop committing crimes and that would be better nobody wants to see one demographic going to jail at a higher rate than some other demographic but is the solution they propose is just not to punish them but that isn't fair at all that's that isn't justice that's injustice you're treating some people differently for committing a crime than other people because of factors that really shouldn't have very much to do with it like uh the color of your skin or the neighborhood you come from or something like that yeah well what they throw around a lot is right to education with they often don't consider the right to safety and the right to life for those other students that have to be surrounded by these potentially violent students that that oftentimes you wouldn't be aware are in your classrooms.

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