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Cranky. He's throwing a lot of different pitches. He is on the edges. He's changing speeds to on down and away Ball three. He's really got a good idea what he wants to do out there. Yeah, I mean, 32 years old and you know, he's listed is throwing four different pitches, right? But you have guys like that. That can. Either you add, subtract a little bit of velocity here, maybe just tweak. The way they hold the pitch, and it looks like a different pitch three Juan and a swinging a sharply hit ball to the first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who will make the play on assisted one down. Grisham is retired. Interesting about Kim. Even though he has been very successful. He's never gone more than five and two thirds innings. He's never thrown more than 88 pitches, so we should expect even if he's good tonight. Something in line with that big ovation out of Petco Park for Manny Machado moved up to the two spot in the lineup because of the absences of some of the others out with Hold it right now again to Tisa Admires testing Positive Hosmer Pro far Matteo contact tracing Jace Tingler, though, telling us all five feel good. Even though the two who tested positive or asymptomatic Machado takes low ball one, and they hope to get some of these guys back in the coming days. Machado hitting 2 36 5 home runs on the season one Oh, from Kim working very quickly, and he drops the breaking ball in for a strike. Wanted.

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