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The stimulation The morning ritual On. A busy Friday we'll get back to The plop plop to, oh, seven on the reaction from the socialists obviously maneuvered this. Thing on the ballots And also to the ugly words of Ruben guy go now, threatening violence to ice agents ladies and gentlemen, just, the latest threat to Trump cabinet And some of the agencies are now you've got big, Ruben there and of course he's backing off his comments after threatening violence against ice agents, I wanna go, back to McCain for a second though So speakers Janis post by the way don't think by any means he's. Complicity in this phony dossier is gonna go bye bye The conservative, press is not going to allow it now of course journalists the enemy of. This. Country Everything is. Conspiracy theory body Muller tells him. So by the way, the notion of Bob Muller as doesn't leaking so laughable that nothing is coming nobody. Can read Bob Ma all virtually all their information. Is, coming from, like Brennan or that Lanny Davis And most of, it comes from Muller's office and the nitwits the investigators he has on this investigation McCain is involved And we talked about the way back McCain is a guy who handed the dossier To the FBI so McCain's Hanes dirty on this thing at some point No matter how they try the truth will come out ladies, and gentlemen and I don't know how big a part. Of, the. News but. We. Know this, McCain. Hates Trump Trump. Hates McKay okay fine no problem okay Trump said horrible things about McCain service McCain has the only time he ever said anything nice about. Donald Trump is when he was begging him for money No love lost here so No problem for McCain he is. Involved in this dossier handoff he's involved in his somehow how, big of a. Party I I don't. Know But. He's definitely involved now back to the. Enemy of America list showing that this is not about loving, McCain is about Hating trump Let's go to an interview, with Lindsey Graham on, with, savannah gut check I don't even know who. The cell the buffoons okay frankly. Look sorry I. Don't know their names they're all. The same to me they're all journalists they're all enemy of. The country if I don't know their, specific names on some, of them I don't care to take, the time nor do I have any, respect for. Them. To, worry, about. It because I really don't. Care so Lindsey Graham was on. With the Sedona. Gut chalk whoever this other dope. Is it's the second question other interview question ladies and gentlemen Whoever this guy is the question I want to go to obvious there's no love lost. Between Senator McCain in this. President he wasn't invited. To his the president is war service said he rose delegated capsule And then there. Was the back-and-forth yesterday with. The raising of the. Flags the lowering of the flag Twit all as, as John McCain's good for Affiliate but as as as good for The, president, United, States. Seem the sliding blah. Blah blah blah a second question ladies you could even get, three questions about his legacy right Right to Donald Trump this, is another opportunity for the, enemy, of, America, journalist. To get those shots. In on Trump it's not working but token Tinu on But this is proof. Well we get, more from this interview I get were as many, questions about Trump in. These, five meats and I'm sparing you Having to listen to the entire five minutes by the way I had the center this stuff Were, more questions about Trump they were about McCain these people don't like McCain as I already said and others, have said They wrap their arms around, McCain when he's bucking his own party when a liberal bucks. His own party it's by by, whatever happened. To Joe Lieberman Evan by just the name to see. So, gentlest the enemy if you buck your own party you go and if you're. A Republican who. Bucks their own party well we're going to wrap our arms around. You just more deceit. From these people they are, fooling nobody except for the dumbest in society But I'll. Give, you more view is all about Trump inside about became time to talk with. Fox News on. AM seven ninety Tucson's most stimulating talk FOX News Radio I'm Chris foster a funeral for Aretha Franklin is just getting started in Detroit Duke fakir is a singer with the four tops She's left now Spirit To be able to fear Going to. Be hard river very close this is scheduled, to last until three PM but they're already way behind speakers, or to, include former President Bill Clinton and, Stevie Wonder among the performers at least seven people were killed in a. Bus accident in New Mexico a big rig hit the greyhound bus head on along. Interstate forty, near the Arizona border police say, the truck blew a tire sending the rig across the. Median and into oncoming traffic the bus was travelling from Albuquerque to Phoenix at the. Time of the accident boxes Jonathan hunt several passengers on that. Bus and the. Truck driver Burt.

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