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Let's listen to what brainchild Janice Hahn had to say This is about the new regulations with breweries where breweries Khun Reopen in L. A County. But you have to make a reservation within 24 hours, and I'll start with the breweries, which we never we allowed. We aligned ourselves with the state. And allowed them to reopen as long as they had a third party of food. Um fender. There has been some concerns about us putting a little bit stricter requirements in terms of reservations on the state does and we're asking for a 24 hour reservation 24 hours ahead. And when you would go making a reservation with the brewery or the winery And I just wanted to know what if you could explain the reasoning behind requiring reservations 24 hours in advance. Is this about contact Tracing is it's about limiting the number of people that go to this. Um, Brewery just kind of want to know what the thinking is behind it so we can test that message him. Sure, thanks So much supervisor, So I just want to know that the motion did call for us to look at, you know, including reservations, along with You know, a set of other requirements for us to be able to put in place. Andi, I think you're absolutely right that the reason that reservations are helpful is It does allow for making sure that we not know everybody who's there and have some contact information in case we would need to contact people if there were cases identified its sights. I know our emotional to talk about aligning with the state and I'm by. Maybe you could also tell us what the state requires in terms of reservations. Do they suggest it do they require it Was the state exactly say about this? Wei have Tio I would have to go. And look, uh, the state guidance because I don't have it. I don't have it in front of me, and I don't work for called. I mean, a lot of what they do is make recommendations as opposed to requirements. I don't know Dr Davis. I don't think either of us were called Exactly what they're recommending. I don't think they're requiring reservations. I think we were again, you know, anxious with emotions to put in place the additional safety measures. Which I think are appropriate and because we don't require 24 hour reservations at restaurants, correct. And it's kind of the same thing. Right outdoor eating and drinking. No, we require. We don't require reservations at restaurants. Okay. Do you have any idea how doomed we all are Based on that interaction? Janice Hahn not only just outsmarted the fake doctor She ran laps around the fake doctor. Hang on one second. Let me go! Look at the thermostat the house! Hang on, Entertain yourselves. Okay. The thermostat in my house is set to 78, which is higher than Janice Hans. And that woman just outsmarted the fake doctor. The person who is in charge of all of our livelihood is in the county of Los Angeles. We're doomed. Oh, my God. Turn out the lights. Let's take a look at the roads. BBC. Dependable traffic sponsored by state or brothers. Lesion Park Stop and Go on the 1 10 South bound between Sunset and Third Street, Linwood stop and go Traffic on the 105 eastbound between the 7 10 and Lakewood Boulevard Sweepers air scheduled in the area, Norwalk a stop and go on the five North bound between Nowalk Boulevard and Bandini Boulevard. Baal is in full swing stop by state of brothers markets for their fall. Apple Sale Choose from Granny Smith Gala smitten and small, red. Delicious on sale Now for just 99 cents a pound. And don't forget the pumpkins, Stater Brothers markets helping you celebrate fall. That's dependable traffic. I'm Kevin Trap on Am 7 90 K. ABC. Hey, it's Randy. And listen right there. The clock is ticking. I know there's a lot going on in your heads about to explode because of the fake doctor. But if you've been in an accident recently, you need to act right now before time runs out. If you've been hurt in any kind of an accident, listen.

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