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This tonight. You know, the thing about this is that Ah, you know the people, the people that that have problems understanding how infrastructure works, and I'm talking about Bart. You know, that is a complex problem. Bart does not stand alone from the city and all the other problems from drug use to homelessness to, you know, financial considerations. It is amazing. I was really fun to do that with NBC news. We'll do more of that in the future. So sometimes 80 88 10 talk to you. Next. Three deaths are blamed on wildfires in Oregon, including two in Marion County. Sheriff Joe Can the treacherous conditions, Deputies commandeered a front end loader to clear that road and get up there. As they entered this area. They had the assistance of fire crews to do this. When they arrived. They did find the two victims in a vehicle in Okanogan County, Washington, a child was killed his parents seriously burned as they attempted to outrun a fire. The Department of Homeland Security flatly denies a whistleblower complaint filed by its former intelligence chief, which accuses the White House of seeking to censor or manipulate information for political purposes. Including Russian efforts to interview in the 2020 election. Brian Murphy says he was demoted for failing to comply. President Trump told journalist Bob Woodward in private about the deadly Corona virus back in February, as he was downplaying it to the American public. That's according to a series of interviews Woodward did with the president for his new book. Very evolving or ABC News knew.

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