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Before we get to the phones very special guests joining us on the line is I'm Joe Julius Joe. How are you tonight? Hey, I'm doing good. How are you doing tonight? Couldn't be better. You know, a lot of people think about this as a condition or disease that affects women more than men, and I'm not sure we'll find out what those statistics are later on from some of our guests. And by the way, before I go Joe we have to make one little correction last segment. I asked a question about schizophrenia. And it's one hundred Rebecca you, tell me it's one hundred thousand people one hundred thousand people in the United States sorry about that's a thousand people in the state of Massachusetts. Okay. Joe? You have a great story. You were a division. One college athlete playing football at Penn State. I'm very familiar with your story. And so I'd rather have you tell us quickly. We have in studio with us Leslie Bernstein, who I think, you know, Amanda DiStefano and Rebecca Manley, but for the ordeal. Great. Thanks. So Joe, you're what? Now twenty three twenty four years old. How old? Yeah. Twenty twenty three twenty four. Don't remind me. No, that's right. Where you're getting old. Joe let me tell you boy only to be twenty four. I wish I was forty two never mind twenty four. So you were a kicker soccer player who became a football kickoff specialist that and field goal kicker and all of that. And you're playing for Penn State division one football. And what what was going on? There's a lot going on man. Yeah. It was a good time. I enjoyed you know, the short time that I played I only played for about three years. Get four years in college. Oh, no. I get that. Yeah. Definitely would love to get that last one. But unfortunately, I decided to take some time off to get my eating disorder on a control. So what what what was what was your situation described to us? Because again here you are. You're a division. One college football player playing. I watched some video view playing in the big house at university of Michigan. You were on some of them. The most legendary football fields in America, you had everything going on. Yeah. Yeah. I got the plan some of the great stadiums. And just, you know, for the listeners my little bit about my story is basically I struggle with what's called bend eating disorder, which you know, like men is not talked about a lot. Even with women. A lot of women that have been eating disorders. Actually, it's mostly talked about with anorexia bulimia bending disorder. Kind of gets you know, kicked out the back door a little bit. And that's what I struggle with. Which basically means is I have a very restrictive personality when it comes to mind disorder. I restrict all day. And then I'd been at night that was what I did for about two to three years when I was in college. So I would not eat anything. And then and I wanna throw up numbers. But basically, you know, I ate more than I should have been a short amount of time at night. And that was what really deteriorated started Delekta destroy my health. And it caused you to to to leave college football became so burdensome that I actually had to take time off because you know, I was a fulltime student and playing college football is a full time job all in one. So in order to have an eating disorder sorta is almost like a fulltime job as well. So you know, it was really tough to juggle all three of those things. So I decided to step away from them and just kind of focused on my eating disorder. And it was it was the best thing I ever made because you know, it helps me be able to get into recovery and stay in recovery and be able to also talk about it as well. No have you have you figured it out. Joe the the pattern you described as you you you restrict yourself all day. And then you've been gene at night have what you're eating pattern like these days. Honestly, I tried to I tried the longest time to stay very regimented and Venus orders, I personally believe it should be a very like privatized industry. Everybody's different every case is different. So for my case because I don't want to speak for anybody else. It just helped me to honestly just become a regulated eater. So I I try to just follow my, you know, my hunger. My I call they're called hunger. Cues I try to follow those and I just try to try to get my three meals a day. But I really don't even put a number on. I just make sure that I'm getting into calories throughout the day. And really I'm not getting food that that power over me anymore. You know, I I try to I try to use the food the food use me, by the way. I don't know if you know, Mike Mahama he heard of them. Yeah. Marlins Marlins catcher I have Mariners. Mariners. Actually he caught opening this year. And I guess in about may this is a guy who had made it to the big leagues. He apparently was in a similar situation as you are. And he is now also going around the country. I had him on his a guest about six or seven months ago and amuse interesting. I was talking to him in June in April he was the opening day catcher for Felix Hernandez. The the great pitcher for the Seattle Mariners and derailed his career. So, you know, two very good athlete yourself and Mike Murayama guys who were young he's only a couple of years older than you. And you now are going around the country speaking and explaining if I'm not mistaken this experience, correct? Yeah. I've done a couple of events. Definitely trying to get my name out there to do as much as I can. But yeah, I'd like to do more. But how? Asking. How can we we're we're broadcast in thirty eight states. How can folks get in touch with you if the if they'd like to have you come and speak to their organization or group? I know you're are you still based in Pennsylvania? I am. Yeah. I'm right in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where all the chocolates made. I wish I was there. That's that's my eating disorder right there. Joe is chocolate. Asked me if chocolate was illegal. I'd be jail smell it. Every morning. So can folks get like a website or an Email or something like that? Yeah. So my Email. Yep. Save pitcher. Yeah. I mean to reach me. My Email is J T J five one three four at gmaiLcom JT j five one three four at gmaiLcom. Well, that's the best way to get old, man. Oh, that's great. His we're going to do Joe if you like I'd like to keep you on the line. But I wanna come back take some phone calls, and we'll keep you for the next segment on the line. And I also, you know, the folks who we have in studio you've been listening already, and you came up here to Boston in November and spoke in in really made quite an impression on me as I sat there and listened to you that day didn't get a chance to meet you. What you did a great job. So I'd recommend you highly to anybody J P five one three four g mail dot com. We'll take a break you'd like to talk to Joey Julius or my guest in studio for meta. And I would love to hear from you. And particularly if there's someone in your family who you think might have an abuse order you can maintain your anonymity. You can tell us what they are what they're doing what they're not doing. And maybe we can find so help for them or for you personally. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine thousand nine hundred thirty WBZ cares. My name's Dan Rae. This is nightside coming back. Nightside.

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