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The New York Times, Missouri, Harassment discussed on Birth2Work Radio


The senate republican leader might mitch mcconnell says there will be no days off four lawmakers as long as the federal government is technically out of business so i wanna share the american people will be right back at us from all again to the american people will be right back out this the mall and for as long as it takes mcconnell on the senate floor in the past hour after a day of negotiations have produced no end to the shutdown democrats continue to lick their votes for budget bill to some way to extend daca deferred action for childhood arrivals meanwhile south republika south carolina republican senator lindsey graham is not happy with his colleagues i think when look heading that would care more about the party flagged in the american flag from coast to coast women's march are becoming much more classic woody jeffrey saw who song in austin texas today at the march in new york this call from whoppi goldberg the only way that we are going to make a change is if we come it to change we have to decide that the people who represent us have to represent all of us senate echoed in los angeles where actress alfie woodard said the 2018 midterms start now president trump tweeted about the march is noting the good weather over much of the country also noted historic milestones in unprecedented wealth creation in his first year in office house ethics committees looking for a new member now the pennsylvania republican patrick mians not on the panel the new york times says me and used taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment complaint from a former staffer there missouri governor eric bretton says he's sorry for what he says was a consensual affair about three years ago that he says there was no black band male and no violence the fbi has opened an investigation was democrats call for the republican governor to resign average johnson started with a new car sounds.

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The New York Times, Missouri, Harassment discussed on Birth2Work Radio

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