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Oh all right dick now as we sit here at the quiet n i'm looking over at one of these high top tables so be discreet but look at this couple right next to us it looks like a first date possibly like a match dot com internet meet up your good don't look were booed court go together now the do sooner be her a pretty good time oh deke you're just you don't get the vibes you do i have the vibe the daughter armenia's not happy andrei lukanov simpler for a first date if that's what it is looks like to do an okay well i mean and a first state you're going to be friendly what are you going to do you're picking up some of the firms though her well for one thinks she'll keeps looking at her phone lectures checking the time bedside or maybe she has someone scheduled to call her and give her an excuse which is a smart thing to do it is she has that set up now i would say that he definitely seems like he's into her but she she's a very attractive woman she gives yeah and he's not bad looking but a little slovenly i just i hate it when women get all dressed up to go out and then the guys in a baseball hat rulers widows them the macarthur will peered yeah but i still foot they were doing okay but my wife who knows all these things in his much more observant than i am says a not so fast he i think i pay more attention to people and their other gifts that you half that's true yes but we'll see as it progresses we'll see what happens if they leave together or if she goes running out in a few minutes okay okay about another have distracted road doer podcast now let's concentrate on the podcast because i think this is a pretty important topic or covering today through this yeah so jordan davis who was born on february 16th 1995 through syria and rendezvous in atlanta georgia parents later divorced and they lived in atlanta and in jacksonville fla.

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