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The A. T. L. he's always so passionate he's opinionated but he's thoughtful and level headed as well I love the show I love what he does Carl's gonna join us coming up an hour from now and forgotten classics do you remember the day you Sidney Crosby and Alexander that's good Hey dueling hat tricks we'll talk to the former voice of the caps Steve Colby about that game for forgotten classics coming up here next hour as well a note on the Luka Doncic story here as Lucas trainer admits that Luca is not in the best shape but that's normal he says NBA games will not be played before the end of July so there's enough time to help him recover and get ready however he undoubtedly would be ready to play right now as well look I don't really care if NBA players right now have a little bit shop on them I don't really care if they went to the drive through one too many times last week I'm not really all bent out of shape if today they get a little winded running up and down the floor but there is absolutely no excuse for any player to be out of shape when they return to the the courts at Disney a month from now you've got a freaking month you've got a freaking month to get ready we're not even playing games until end of chill why you're not playing real games for six weeks if I see any NBA player out there after six weeks hyphenated PA fainted he's got the spare tire going to that's gonna be humiliating that's what I would be angry let's be real quarantine has been the best for our bods quarantines that the best thing ever for our beach bods this summer a lot of people got pretty puffy a lot of people had a little puff going on a lot of people right now inflated just a degree or so maybe that second chance started protruding maybe got one one more love handle that you had before quarantine maybe two do not get a lot of exercise you stated side watch them a lot of Netflix but for NBA players number one NBA teams set them a workout kits okay that's the first thing wasn't like they were left to their own devices number two you can still run you can still bike you got a bike you don't like to go buy a bike on eBay buy a bike from wherever bike store local just gold bike a little bit get some cardio going and you're not shooting hoops okay well you probably should have who put your house you were allowed inside the gym alright but again there is no reason that the you should be out of shape six to weeks from now you know when the season's coming back you know when training camp starts you know when you got to be ready for game action could I see some injuries because their workouts spiked the demand of what they put their bodies went from nothing to hide demanded a short amount of time all right could we see sprained ankles unfortunately twenty Kelly street east yells shoulder popped out of place yeah all that is possible coming up here at the end of July but I don't want to see guys huffing and puffing going down the floor I mean come on it wasn't a hard during quarantine to Google a few work out plans that whole war to see on social media what some crossfit people were doing a peloton people were doing girl well you know what my whole livelihood mile business my whole industry is being in shape so maybe I should let.

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