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Update is brought to you by German automotive. There were former presidents, even some Republicans. Speaking at the Democratic National Convention, several speakers blasted President Trump's record on foreign policy. Sally Yates, former deputy attorney general, said President Trump has trampled the rule of law bankrupting our nation's moral authority. At home and abroad. Former Secretary of State Republican Colin Powell said Joe Biden will stand upto adversaries with strength and experience. It will trust our diplomats in our intelligence community, not the flattery of dictators and desperate former President Bill Clinton railed against President Trump's response to Corona virus, saying he denies responsibility and shift blame. Rachel Sutherland boxes. The new study indicates many Americans have misconceptions about the Corona virus. The study found that the CDC the White House and state health departments are not meeting the guidelines for communicating vital information about covert 19, the CDC, American Medical Association and National Institutes of Health. All recommend that medical information for the public be written at no higher than an eighth grade reading level. Researchers looked at 137 federal and state Web pages and found that their information on covert 19 averaged just over an 11th grade reading level. Nine of the 10 states with the highest illiteracy rates had information above 1/10 grade level. A 2003 national assessment of adult Literacy found that only 12% of American adults exhibit proficient health literacy. Tanya J. Powers. Fox News Williamson County Judge Bill Gravel is requesting DPS troopers to assist people within the Austin City limits. Most people in Williams and County don't live in Austin. But more than 55,000 do, and Gravel is very unhappy with the Austin police budget cuts. I am concerned that with these extreme budget cuts That the citizens of the city of Austin within waves and county will not remain protected at current levels. He says. Politics should never trump public safety. And so in a letter to governor Greg Abbott, he's requesting DPS troopers be assigned to work in coordination with the sheriff's office and bridge any gaps that may be born of Austin's de funding decisions. Patrick Osborne News Radio K will be J D funding is now being challenged by the state's top leaders. Governor Greg Abbott is proposing new legislation that would freeze any cities property tax revenues if they decide to defund law enforcement. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick calls Austin's decisions dangerous. We're going to pass legislation to be sure that never happens again. And I hope that legislation in its final form will roll back what they've done. People of Austin, Texas, deserved to be protected by their police. Recognizing the cries for change. Governor Abbott admits that is needed and it too will be debated in the next legislative session. But, he adds, it doesn't start with DE funding. John Cooley News radio K O b. J 7 33. Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Branch. 35 North bound service Road just north of 1 83 without a collision there that is causing some backup stalled vehicle on the right shoulder. Mo Packing North found just past 22 22. It looks like they cleared that collision from Farmer north bound at McNeil. Your next report said 7 45, a Melinda Brant with Austin's on time.

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