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She said, listen, we're gonna come in with a plan. We're gonna come in and minimize any distraction. We don't want you worrying about where your parents are where they're sitting how they're getting to the game. Right. So she to the point where she sat the parents of the family down, which was the best thing she ever did free on their own basically said, if you if you have questions about this, you go to this person, if you have questions about this you go to this person if you have question. About this you go to this person. You never go to your child as we did the same thing. That's good job, doctor Dr. That's right. My parents at one point all of a sudden I heard him like whispering to each other. When we were having one of our family visits, and they're looking kind of nervous, and I was like what's going on? And they're like nothing nothing. What what is going on? So number collegiate vote we're supposed to talk to issues too. I was like oh my God. I started cracking up. Just tell me they're like the place where we're staying is being overrun by red and said we're in need. Again, Ford directly staying at our house where we train and I just started cracking up. But I said not my problem. That's right. Under the great distractions is family, and they mean, well, right. Like, totally me. Well, and it's like, hey, I lost my pass. And I don't want to bother you. But I'm not sure how to get in. Now. You know, it's like like, oh my God. Because on Suzy's never been to a game. And so she's not she didn't know she needed the past. Right. And you know, all of that. So it's play. It's the greatest playground for them in the biggest job, you know, opportunity for you. So you don't realize too. I think as an athlete going into the Olympics. Because obviously we had never been in one. The thing that blew me away is if you if you said if you were like boarding an airplane, for example, and we were with the national team in we're in our gear. Right. And they'd say, oh, you know, who are you guys in in the past? We would say over the US national soccer team. They like, oh, that's awesome. But if you said, we're the US Olympic soccer team there were. They'd sing the national anthem to you the whole plane would break out and standing ovation. There was this patriotism around the Olympics. And that were that I was like holy cow. Oh my gosh. That adds a lot of pressure is well because everyone wants a piece of that quick break to talk about her eight week, online course, where we pull back the curtain.

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