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Mike Broomhead show the World Wildlife zoo making national news, we'll talk about that. With the spokeswoman from the welcome to the Mike Broomhead show. Got a song. Hey. Thanks for being here. It's the Mike broom had show we're here until ten AM Monday through Friday. Now, a big story came out over the weekend that struck me because as most of you know, I am a huge fan of the wildlife world zoo. I'm out there. All the time. It is absolutely. My grandkids favorite place in Arizona to visit one of my grandsons talks about Crockett who was a sea lion out there being his best friend at school. We love that zoo. It is the most family friendly everyone. No matter how old they are loves the place. I love to go there. And I've been talking about it for years. So over the weekend. There was a story that a patron was mauled was the word by a Jaguar. Well, that is going to get national attention, and man has it ever gotten national attention. So we ask Christie Markham who was the spokeswoman for the zoo to join us to talk to us about what really happened Kristie. I know it's been a busy weekend. I appreciate some of your time. Tell us what actually happened over the weekend. Good morning. Yes. So it was Saturday evening when we had a report that one of the guests had crossed over the barrier. One of our female Jaguars had actually gotten a hold of the guests, and our employees ran over there that they called the paramedics she had to receive medical attention. However, she did cross the barrier. And those barriers are set there for a reason Kristie, I I saw the I saw the statement that you made also the owner Mickey the statement that he made that this was human error. It was not the animals fault. And that the animals not going to be put down which I think is the right choice from my experience when I've been around the exhibits where the animals are where they are wild animals. There's always a pretty high barrier. And it's what four or five feet from the actual exhibited itself. So this woman would have had to have jumped over a wall walk three or four feet toward the exhibit. And then actually get close enough inside the exhibit to have this happened. Correct. Yeah. When something like this happens. It's definitely a reminder to everyone that these are wild animals, and when they cross over those barriers not only are they putting themselves at risk. They're putting other guests at risk employees at risk and even the animal at risk. In this case, I know that there have been calls from some people that they wanted something done to the animal through your own investigation. Is they're going to be an investigation by an outside agency. Well, we are we are credited by Z A. We are also inspected by USDA. So I have no doubt that they're going to be out there doing their own investigation, and we have an ongoing investigation going on. But we have absolutely concluded that the Jaguar was not at fault for the injuries sustained, and it was human error and the woman actually came out to the zoo yesterday. Who is involved in the incident? She came out to the zoo yesterday to talk with you about what happened. Yes. She sat down. She apologized. She took full responsibility. She felt horrible for the negative. Attention is getting and she was a couple of miles away from the she's there all the time with her family, and she was just very remorseful. Did she say what prompted her to cross the because I I go to the zoo a lot. So I'm very familiar with this. You really have to make an attempt. This isn't like you can reach across and ask. You know, what I mean, it gets you close you have to make a big attempt was if she goes to the zoo all the time did she explain why she was prompted to do this this time. He didn't explain why she just took full responsibility. She knew she was responsible, and she felt really bad about what she had done, Christy. Moore joins us. She is the spokeswoman for the wildlife world zoo talking about the incident over the weekend, that's got national attention. So so at least that part of it from her perspective on your what would happen with that patron. And thank God. She wasn't seriously injured because this could have ended a lot worse than it. Did. Absolutely. It could have ended worse were so thankful that her injuries were not life-threatening. She said that she did go and receive medical attention to the emergency room. But she was not admitted they did give her stitches, and she was home later that night when something like this happens when you get an initial report like this you guys go to great lengths to make the zoo, very accessible. I mean, people can get kind of close to the animals, but I've never seen a situation where it looks dangerous unless you do something like this. When a word goes out to you that something like this happens. What what are your first thoughts? My first thoughts were I just wanted to acquire as much information as I could of course, tearing the initial headlines which made national and actually international news this morning. It can sound very terrifying. And I was relieved to find out the details weren't as bad as what everyone was claiming. And anytime anything like this happens we really assess and learn from the event is a part of an ongoing commitment to ensure public safety and great animal welfare. And we wanna keep our zoo family friendly, we wanna keep people close to the wildlife, but we have to make sure the public's also say, so we're gonna take all those things into consideration as we continue with our investigation. Well, I know that you are getting international requests from international news outlets for for interviews and questions. I appreciate you spending some time with us this morning. And I'm glad this woman was not you know, serious or life threateningly injured. And I'm glad to hear that things are back are getting back to normal. Anyway at the zoo. Me too. Thank you so much. Thanks christi. That is Christie Markham she joins us from the zoo. And I you know, I love that zoo. If you've not been out there. It is unique. It is like no place else you've ever been you had the ability to get close enough to the animals to see them. We've been to the zoo many times, I take my grandkids. They run around like crazy never afraid that they're going to be injured. But when you crossover a barrier like that, and I'm not trying to pile on this woman that made this mistake if she goes to the zoo, very often, I'm pretty adventurous. But I'm not crossing over a barrier. They have an exhibit at a new part of the zoo or a newer part where they have some. I think they're Brown bears from Arizona and or black bears. And there is a pit. That is probably it's like a moat almost that is like probably six feet from the edge of the while. There's no way you can get near the bears. But when you're looking over the wall, you get very close there's a barrier. They have a huge. Rhino out there. A male rhino have three new female rhinos on the other side of the park. The male rhino is got to be three thousand pounds. It's one of the biggest animals I've ever seen. You can get really close to this animal. There's no way unless you do something really dumb that you're going to get near enough to that rhino to get injured. It is a unique way for you to get as close as possible with animals, you'll never see anywhere else. And interact with them without any danger to the public is long as you are, you know, as long as you're reasonable. And I'm glad to hear that this woman came to the zoo. I don't wanna out her publicly. I'm sure she doesn't want to be outed. I'm sure she doesn't want to be publicized. And I don't blame her for that. But I'm glad she went back to the zoo the guy Mickey that started the zoo started decades ago, and he he was a bird guy is kind of an aviary is kind of a bird sanctuary, and it's expanded into a zoo where they they take in endangered animals. They are it is just a great place. And I it really was sad to me that they got the kind of publicity. They did over the weekend because they don't deserve it. They do are. They are. So public friendly the experience for people is most important to them. And so our people safety, they're not endangering people's lives. They're not taking risks that are unnecessary. This woman crossed a barrier. She should not have. And unfortunately, she paid a price. I mean, she it wasn't a close call. She was actually this. I don't know if it was she was bitten. I heard she had been scratched. I don't know which it was whether it was clawed or bitten by a female Jaguar. But that's because of human error. So the people that were calling for the animal to be put down. It's not going to be. I think that's the right decision. I just feel for Mickey especially for Christie because it's been this kind of a weekend for them where it's been trying to explain without saying that this woman did something stupid. They weren't trying to damage this woman's character intellect or anything else. She just made a horrible mistake and paid a price for it. And thank God for the quick thinking of people around their other patrons that distracted the Jaguar using a water bottle and got its attention away. I mean, that's that's great. I mean, I it ended as good as it could in a bad situation. But I wanted you to hear firsthand from the people at the zoo because they are they're great people. And I hope you'll go out and see if you ever go out to that zoo. You'll see you have to make a serious effort to get close to a dangerous animal where there could be an incident because they do a lot to make sure that it's is close. It's it's a great experience for you. But it's absolutely safe. Coming up seven twenty Alexandria, Cossio Cortez is at south by southwest calling America garbage. And Ronald Reagan a racist. You're going to hear her say it, and it's seven thirty five one of my favorite guests name is Mark lottery. He used to be an advisor to President Trump. And he also was the press secretary to the vice president the vice president Pence there is no one that I know of that's more connected to this administration. He is a phenomenal guest will talk with him about the forthcoming Muller report. The news of the day, the border wall fight and everything that's going on in Washington DC, and there's no one that knows it better than Mark laudner that happens at seven thirty five big our the show. Make sure you stick through it all of that coming up. You know, I wanna talk about something. Called patriot property management. It's a local veteran owned property management company. Here's their promise if they don't rent your property to a qualified renter in thirty days..

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