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Could have something to do with infinity war leading up to that movie coming out 'cause i'm gonna be able to see it for a while as soon as i unloaded those words i could not fucking believe the shit like orbs magazine had some huge huge in headlines like such and such and such ending bob la and i was like are you fucking like what like i'd be furious if i had read that and not the end of infinity instantly became a mean the field all of that it's like wow i mean it's just out there i read an article the other day it was talking about how the end of infinity war like how to talk with your young child when don't watch infinity war the authors i guess you'd taken his young son to watch entity war and then like at the end of the film looks over at his son and then like i guess after some stuff had happened the sons like the life was gone from his eyes streaming down his face crying in the father was like no it's okay it's going to be fine to my dad right that and then the kids like ho can you say it'd be fine you like so and so i just watched him very quickly like nobody can i do very quick thing about the end of the war and i'll like flail my hands when i'm done spoilers are over no i'll still feel my hands i'm done talking about the anywhere so i went to go see that movie but a monday night by myself at like seven thirty or something barely was able to get a seat that whole thing i thought was amazing i thought the movie was fine of those fun things incredible accomplishment what they were able to do but the end.

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