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You are listening to the nfl on two men facing no huddle withdrawing in the weber banned kordell stewart let's focus on chicago with brad bigs covers the bear for the chicago tribune brad thanks for taking the time bears have been looking for franchise quarterback since jim mcmahon our good friend cordell is on that list of quarterbacks who came and went when it comes to a short stint at chicago beyond the stats l forty mitchell trubisky come in his rookie season well i think if you're going to talk about mitch trubisky who who got twelve starts as a rookie this past season for the bears i think the conversation probably needs to begin with the fact that he didn't look overwhelming to him during his rookie season and i think we we've all seen a lot of young quarterbacks in eating quarterbacks that have been around for a while uh struggle because it looks like it's just too big for them and in that certainly wasn't the case for trubisky five this that are uh very glamorous but one thing does jump out at you he did a really nice job protecting the football which is you guys know can be another paul for for young quarterbacks in the national football league that can uh get in the bad turnover habits the put the team in really difficult sparked so so those are the two big things for me when you're talking about history susan number one it it didn't look too big forum and number two he showed uh a real ability to to to be careful with the people.

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