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Here at the guinea sanford premier center bulldogs jumped on air force all over the falcons in the first period and took a to nothing lead and that's how it stood till late in the third falcons got a power play goal to make it to one and then he got interesting from there but air force just ran out of time tonight and the falcons were unable to tie this game gives themselves a chance to win it into overtime and so it'll be the bulldogs of minnesota of minnesota duluth who will move onto the ncaa frozen four at saint paul minnesota and the excel center it's time for today's iron manner the game award but before we do that we got a little audio we're going to try to play it back for you from down in the press room and this is frank serotonin just a few minutes ago addressing the media and season and you know we we came together in the tournament a door and out we came together at the right time just again for the third time one goal away from from from getting to that to that throws and four but it wasn't because we didn't try wasn't because we didn't play well give the credit for their star and out we slow them down we made a game of it and anybody that's watching that watch this game tonight if you're in america you can't help but bucket sandblast glasgow spies are going to be defending our freedom coach states let's hear from those guys questions now kyle hakin and then looking coach the history for her pile up in that second third grade and you guys started to start tacking you on beat defensively how difficult was you guys not get in front but but get bodies and six to the front of the net in front shepherd awesome offensively how much got a clogging things while brought there.

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