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Is was let it oh route letters that if red and green nagas would you know who you look like redgreen anywhere red and green flannel on the red green show manure i simply bore this because i wanted to upset the left because remember what was the college that we did yesterday the college elliot said you can't have you know no red or green colours will be allowed no wrapped gifts so no wrapped gift she'll have green red all over so i wish to offend some wearing green and red did you bring us star of bethlehem 'cause they said that too i mean i'm just saying if you really want to ramp up being a star beth if i i don't know the star of bethlehem that's offensive oh my god i know i know i i just i really do i just want to sit in a room and eat popcorn when these people were talking that's all i wanted it now i'm going to try not to laugh when they're you know doing that could you make a reality show at of that i i think you could i don't know where i dunno channel you'd put it on it may be spike tv or something where it's just a camera on these these groups these people that come up with these insane things to be offended by and just have it you know just just an open camera were there just in a shows them talking documentarystyle they're just gonna talk the way they talk y y you know and we we talked realistic about you know about taylor swift probably the first time ever that we talked about taylor swift yes and and the fact is how the second this is the second how how the the singer talking about what a great 2017 that she had that drove the left crazy in on social media that they were like how can you be happy when trump was president and all that for it and and we used to we.

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