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From the suburbs. No reported problems. Just wet roadways this morning. Brian street expressway, no construction war closures tonight, Pennsylvania turnpike, good shape, next update, less than ten. Minutes. I'm Carrie Moses. It's a marvellous night for a moon dance. Right. Anyone who doesn't anticipate going to the moon themselves can still have a piece of it. They have the chance to buy a moon rock in an online auction. The twelve pound lunar meteorite was found at north west Africa last year. But experts believe that fell to earth thousands of years ago. Officials think it could sell for up to half a million dollars bidding is just beginning and ends on October eighteenth the Boston-based are our auction says it's one of the biggest pieces of the moon ever put up for sale. Pam Coulter, CBS news. Well, whatever it is that happened at the White House today. It will be remembered as a jaw dropping performance Kanye west visit to the Oval Office, he delivered a rambling ten minute. Monologue touching on social issues, hydrogen planes, mental health endorsement deals politics. A whole lot more. He dropped the f word floated some policy proposals went in for a hug surreal scene. Even by the standards of non-conventional White House. I'm Jim Taylor. CBS news. I'm jay. Valeria and locally Philadelphia. Police have the car, but not the female driver wanted in a weekend parking lot hit and run at a Dunkin donuts in the northeast KYW's Steve tower reports there was dramatic video of the incident. As a group of men milled around the front door along the ninety one hundred block of Roosevelt boulevard northeast detectives division. Lieutenant Dennis Rosenbaum says a woman and a two thousand seventeen dodge challenger pulled up. There are some words exchanged about them standing in front of the door after griping the woman dressed in what looks to be nurses, attire grabbed a Cup of coffee, but as she left and the men had their backs to her walking away. Rosenbaum says she gun the engine of that vehicle. She turns the vehicle Rannikh celebrates and runs over the complaints. The twenty nine year old victim suffered multiple fractures. And officials say he has a long road to recovery. It happened Saturday morning and hours later keen officers observed the challenger near Aitken's oval and pulled the driver over at twenty second street, but the man inside the owner of the car was uncooperative, according to police, Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio..

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