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Somewhat shocking. If you will. Case of child abuse. That's exactly what it is. Now, you can call this while you're just not what the times or the whole modern modernity thing of. And that's what they're going to start doing by the way as they sand. The grooves off of your brain hammer you through not just. Intimidation extortion, opport- conditioning through zombie media propaganda through threat. You think I'm kidding? If you work for university or school, if you don't think a certain way, you will get hammered, you you can't even evidence that you think different way you've been big trouble could lose a promotion even a job transferred out of our department. No this kid is he's five years old. And he's got calling parents what it is a couple of lesbians there. One woman has transitioned into a man. But it's two women. You're always a woman. I'm sorry. But you are. And I don't care what you do if your past eighteen knock your lights out. But at least try to be cute. Okay. Serious about can't do that. What are we think it? But this this whole thing is just insane. These days what's come to pass as normal that is far from normal. This is abuse of this. If this were to adults, that's it and the story who cares what they do. Who cares? Nobody should care. But when you got a kid is five years old that was brought into this twisted relationship. And when I say twisted he knows twisted because they're trying to make this kid into a girl. It's a boy they're trying to get this kids five and these two demons are trying to make this boy a girl. Now. Of course, I'm sure if you wanna even if you even say in their defense, they're saying that the kid probably wants to do this. But at four or five years old, you know, what the hell you wanna do? You don't know. Now, let's let's visit this again this child abuse, and this is becoming the norm transgender couple in the England says United Kingdom same thing has announced that their five year old will be transitioning from male to female now how what the five year old has made this announcement. Somebody named Greg Rogers and his partner Jodie Rogers were both born female, however since Greg medically transitioned to mail. At sixteen years old the couple identifies as being straight. They share custody of Jody's year. So journey was actually at one point with a man. Had a baby who knows how that win or whatever. But she wound up with her lesbian girlfriend who turned into a boy. And now they've got this kid that there are going to twist twist into being a member of the opposite. Sex says your sex-change hormones, given to children of permanent consequences and critics question. The ability of young child to make such a dramatic and life altering decision. That is insane. Just the way that's worded. Listen to that. Again. Six change hormones given to children have permanent consequences. Now. Here's the part and critics question question. The ability critics should be saying this is insane. There's no question at all. The plan to schedule a medical procedures to transition Jaden to a female. Does your Jaden was born a boy but as worn dresses for the past year. So at four years old Jaden start addressing a girl two thousand sixteen the American college of pediatrics released a statement warning the puberty blockers but children at higher risk for cardiac disease. High blood pressure blood clots stroke, diabetes cancer. In addition to making them unable to conceive any genetically related children, even via artificial reproductive technology. This kid is going to turn into a twisted freak, medical experiment. I would argue on orthodox medical experiment, any doctor that would take part in this should have their license. Yanked possibly put in jail have their kicked at a minimum speaking to the Daily Mail, which is a great reputable new site out of England, Greg. That's one of these checks insisted the Jaden was choosing to transition on his own and had not been influenced by them. Oh, really, really? We haven't encouraged Jaden do this. Despite what people think, and we are hurt by that suggestion. Scholar. She already she has no idea that I'm transgender having been through this myself. I have conflicting emotions about her deciding she doesn't want to be a boy anymore. It's not an easy life people. Always judge you, and I'm judging by the way, and but you know, a lot of people say that's not right. You shouldn't do that. Hell, yes. You should. Oh, yeah. You should judge him. This should be stopped. Anyway goes on to say, convict, emotions better deciding. She doesn't want to be a boy, it's not easy life people. Always judge you. And I don't think there's a single transgender person on the planet who would push that on a child. Well, you guys are Jodi said that before Jaden began demanding tour girls clothes she had not even been aware of the child could be transgender. Well, look kid demands to do anything you need to keep in mind that little kids have no rights. None. They don't have zero writes, the only right. A look it has a little kid. I mean still living with parents, the only right. They have is an be abused. That's it. So Mark say Mark welcomed on the edge. All right. They on your topic has been on point all your resorting back to it throughout the whole show. I've been hearing a lot about this throughout the day on talk radio what you've been bringing up in your opening segment. You know, basically, we're we're in time to Sodom good more here. 'cause it's a lost cause because look at the the premier. They're just got shot down up exiting the EU. And now that you not gonna read negotiate. Well, who is the EU? Okay. We're we're almost being controlled by the here in the president gets on his own two feet because he's not gonna get the Republicans to exit the we're not going to build a help England or anybody. Let me interrupt you and ask you a couple of questions. See I've not been following this. What the hell Brexit, which is a Britain getting out of the EU exiting. I know that the vote and the people completely one hundred percent voted they want. Well, not ordering separate the majority wanted out. Let's get out. Let's bring back our own sovereignty. We can do trades around the world. We don't have to be part of the EU to do it. And then what happened from there? Why did they not do it? Why are they all of a sudden doing referendums, and where are they trying to tweak it, well, they're in the same boat that we are here in the United States? The people we the people to thinking here in the United States. We know what we want in the majority still rules here. Okay. As far as where we want this country to go in the correct direction. Well, that's the same thing in England. But the only problem is the people that are all in their elected, you know, the house there are, you know, they're they're they're British show parliament, they're they're they're just like Mitch McConnell. I call them the turtle because he's had been a shell. Most of the time. Speaking out right now on behest of trying to you know, but some force behind you make it look like the Republicans are doing something when they had the majority. But that's the same thing you're up against an England payroll..

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