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All right. Welcome back it's time for our b-black of hot notes. Manda take it away. I will already thank you. So trump is gonNA START SOON. More people over the muller pub gravely maybe according to his tweets great so on Tuesday or yesterday for us right now trump said he was going to order lawsuits quote unquote all over the place for Doc. I ordered. He's all over the place. Jamie pollock those lawsuits for claims. He incurred for for damages. He claims he incurred during former special counsel. Robert Muller's investigation in a tweet thread which I love saying in reference to the president. Our Dear Leader said these muller prosecutors and the whole Mueller investigation was legally setup based on a phony now fully discredited fake dossier lying and forging documents to the Fisa court and many other things. I'm glad he's saying new thing. Everything having to do with this fraudulent investigation as badly tainted and in my opinion should be thrown out. He then went on. What do you mean? What does he mean thrown out? Yeah what what. What does that even mean? I guess like if he's talking about like the Stones Duffin manafort style or is he talking about the investigation as a whole he. I think that it well okay. I'm a little bit more okay. So he then went on to accuse me of lying before Congress when he told lawmakers he did not interview with trump to apply for the job of FBI director tweeting. The whole deal was a total scam. If I wasn't president I'd be suing everyone all over the place. But maybe I still will witch-hunt. Oh my God yeah. So these tweets all came on the same day in which trump declared himself the quote unquote chief law enforcement officer in all the land. Those and announced all the controversial pardons. We talked about on the show yesterday which we aptly called. Pardon Palooza it's also worth noting that two of the attorneys who prosecuted the stone case. Who trump just meddled in where previously investigators on the special counsel. I'm waiting on real torey much waiting on bill bar to follow trump's lead in announced unjust legal action on people connected to the muller pro now because despite his public scolding of the President Trump tweeted Friday that he has the quote unquote legal right to demand that Bartik action in a federal criminal case but that he quote unquote chooses to stay out of it. Okay Bro Restraint. That's what I think of when I think of Donald Trump westering mazing restraint patients. Yes decision making. Yeah so that's just some news on a fun little red. Yeah well we'll see I mean the thing that's scary about that. Is he could totally do that. Yes so we were laughing but it's not funny right because we left so we don't cry e-eh definitely and especially I mean know that there's that whole Taco bar resigning or whatever and we'll get into that later but assuming he stays he will do whatever the fuck trump wants So yeah that's what makes it scary. Yup It's not just a tweet. It is not just a tweet no In other trump news this time to do with the border in news. It shouldn't shock anyone. Given his appreciation for lawlessness. Trump is waving otherwise strict rules on government procurement in order to get more of his wall built faster and appease more of his base ahead of the two thousand twenty election the Department of Homeland Security said on Tuesday that one hundred seventy seven miles of wall. A distance that includes stretches of the border in California Arizona New Mexico and Texas. We'll be able to be built faster. Because of these waivers that trump has announced the waivers affect things like requiring open competition and justifying your selections Working closely with the Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security the Department of Homeland Security is exercising. Its congressionally granted authority to waive procurement regulations in six high-traffic border sectors. Which will allow us to use already. Vetted inexperienced contractors to build additional one hundred and seventy seven miles of new border wall system. D H s spokes person Heather Swift said and acting acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf Grad Chad Wolf announced and that sounds like Vauxhall Events Fox and friends is basically just like how the trump administration does. It's press announcements yet. Just one one hour at a time. Right Chad Wolf said that. He's able to order such waivers under a two thousand five law that grants. The chief considerable purview to waive laws for building border barriers for national security rights. It's worth noting however that while such waivers have been used before to skirt around environmental impact reviews. This is the first time they have been used to fully sidestep federal procurement laws. According to the hell so the. White House now expects that ninety four miles border wall will be able to be constructed this year bringing the total to almost four hundred and fifty miles trunk. Trump took office so. I'm really glad we're speeding up. This process a racist can work quickly lobe native burial grounds right like the ones that are currently blowing up in organ pipe. Cactus National Monument and related to that Ted Norris Jr. the chairman of the fuck this up to hone oh oho ODEM nation Said the entire project was senseless destruction of ancestral land and said they were adamantly opposed to the construction of the fortified border wall. Which were Iraq readily Blah Blah Blah? Well doing great yeah. It was hard and cultural sites secret sites and the environment. It is all the more tragic that billions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on an empty campaign slogan that will do little to address. Border Security Challenges. God that's really Saturn. Exactly what he said he was GONNA do. Yeah fuck taking away all the regulations So there's that yeah well you know. He couldn't get his wall built without doing that So I guess the only way to build walls to tear down the lot of the wall of laws the Law Wall Wall. The law wall moving on. Yeah Yeah. Let's not dwell on that depressing. Yeah I think It is dwell. Just I say please. It's your show twelve the border especially being in San Diego. It's like our neighbor and they're such fucked up stuff happening there every single day. Annalong borders all around the United States. But there is so much so many scary scary really really sad things happening all the time. It's like you someone tweeted at. Hey guys can you cover you know? Can you please continue to cover? What's happening at the border? They sent us pictures. They were there at the border. And it's like kids literally in shackles and just the conditions that they're in his inexcusable. And Not Okay and not representative of the American dream in any way whatsoever in the fact that you know it's like yeah something I'd we will do. A bigger block on it You know but not today but another day but it's happening every single day and it's really really tragic and I would say though that one of the great things about living in San Diego is guess we're so close to all of this like pain family separation but we are also in a city that is filled with a lot of amazing people of color and a lot of immigration activists and a lot of a lot of human rights activists. Yeah here which is which is an amazing thing. Yeah they're inviting every single day like with everything they have. Yeah so yeah. That's something that I feel very grateful to be near and I'm glad that I live in such a diverse city I think that living in really diversities over the last decade has really shaped who I am as a person so I feel lucky to live in saint for that reason. Yeah totally yeah. There's a lot of really great organizations here that are doing like you said all their own grassroots work and doing it amidst you know people fighting back not wanting them to do it. For example we've talked about the folks that leave water in the middle of the desert because people just die. They're on their track and people tried to say they're not allowed to do that. And it's disgusting. The amount of fights that they have to push through to even be advocates because the government isn't doing the job that yes that they have that they're supposed to be doing which is literally yes making it so people don't die trying to cross over here. It's unnecessary cruelty. Yeah it really is but you're totally right. There's a lot of amazing resources in San Diego. There's a lot of really great some incredibly uplifting moments like I've there's like networks of people all over the country to that don't live close to the border dinner helping connect people like. I've seen so many stories of Someone like Hey. This person is looking for you know like a house to crash in while they're figuring out the immense amount of paperwork and legal battles that they have to go through and I've seen people connect people with homes and and families be like you know relocated to places that are safer and there's there's so much good work but there's still so much bad bad bad horrible things happening so Donate ten your Eyes Open. Keep Your Eyes Open donate will do a better job at continually the and I hope that Anna and I actually hope that by the time that this episode areas that maybe there's going to be a question asked about this at the Nevada debate. It's important and I hopefully given the electorate there it will be. It will be a an issue. Yes talked about. Yeah Definitely Yeah. Thank you so much. Yeah your fantastic reporting thank you. Yes thank you. Okay my block part of this dock bar story It never ends Senate Republicans. Okay so you know how bars been the. There's all talk about him. Potentially you know resigning Which is to be determined if it's genuine or not? There's different theories on that but I don't think he's GonNa yeah I don't know but apparently Senate Republicans are crying for Barter. Stay saying that it's virtually impossible to get to seat a a g and to get them confirmed in anyone that replaces bar won't do as good of a job as far as doing pursuing trump's agenda bars allegedly considering resigning but there's a lot of different theories and skepticism like I said around what's really going on there This is a statement by Senator John. Cornyn Cornyn from Texas. He said the president does have a tendency to lash out and I think in this case he would be well advised to try to temper that because I think bill bars is best path on seeing that justice is done in terms of all of these various investigations including the counterintelligence investigation and elite up to the Miller report discussing. I hate hearing that. I hate hearing all of this. But Republicans are really hoping that he can just stay third till the twenty Tony Election's over because basically What it sounds like is confirmations are really contentious and there are some pretty vulnerable. Republicans that are trying to keep their seats in the fears. Basically that their vote and how that process goes the confirmation process That could affect their reelection campaigns. So you know selfish reasons. Of course they say it's for trump's agenda but really it so they don't have to like you know speak with their own mouth and their own brain because that opens them up to scrutiny and they don't like Yeah they just want to join this wave of you know the Republicans and never have to actually come out and stand for anything because when they tried to stand for something. That's anything involving a nuanced opinion. I guess it is a go well for them. 'cause that's not something that's rewarded the Republican Party. No one likes that thinks for themselves Bar apparently chatted with Lindsey Graham yesterday but he said that he has no plans to leave his post. When he talked to Lindsey Graham. So I think you're right. I don't think he's going anywhere. I think this is just like yeah. I mean the whole if it is a scheme the scheme will be revealed. I think eventually but I I don't think I definitely don't think that he's GonNa leave. I don't I just don't see how that would make any sense Finally Richard Grenell is going to be named that acting deny it looks so you know how we were talking about. Maguire's time getting up His deadline to get the fuck out coming up. And everyone's wondering which I was going to do well. Richard Grenell seems to be the guy. He's a trump loyalist and what he has not served in any intelligence agencies ever. Wow so the director of national intelligence is going to be someone with zero intelligence experience great and it was one thing when it was the head of our education department. Ride someone that had no public. Ed Experience this is now someone that is going to be leading. You know everything that essentially keeps us safe. It's incredibly concerning. Yeah Yeah it's exactly what I think we've come to expect so maybe this piece of news and like a huge blow necessarily To to our ears but because it's just so predictable but it's it's really really bad. It's really fucking bad Olive is continuously bad. We have good news coming up. We do have a lot of good news coming out. Yeah but but yeah I think you can expect that guy to get confirmed on. Or he doesn't have to get confirmed he just gets to be named..

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