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Wife Valeria mess Alina ended when she married her secret lover to add injury to insult. The remarriage was also an attempt to overthrow Claudius as emperor Valeria missile Lena had planned to marry her lover while Claudius was away from Rome. And simply tell everyone that as acting empress she was going to appoint her lover as the new emperor. Suffice to say her plan failed spectacularly when Claudius found out he had both Valeria and her lover executed for treason. After that debacle Claudius had to find a new wife. He was presented with many, many options. But he eventually landed on his niece and Caligula sister, Agra Pena, the younger, the decision outraged, most of Rome, citizens who saw the union as incest, but power and popularity had gone to Claudius his head. He did nothing to quash, the outrage nor was he able to stop Agra Pena from reviving the family traditions of scheming, and backstabbing after the marriage Akra Pena persuaded Claudius to adopt. Her only son Niro, as his heir, once he agreed her next step was to get Claudius out of the way and let her loyal son ascend to the throne. She succeeded Claudius was poisoned to death on October thirteenth, fifty four CE he was sixty three years old. Vero just sixteen years old was now the emperor of Rome, Agra Pena hope to control his every move from behind the scenes, but despite his youth Niro was quickly growing into his own man. A man that would be vengeful and vindictive against the mother who sought to control him after a year of intense power struggles and personal conflicts. Niro expelled Agra Pena from the imperial palace and fifty five CE, an exiled her to the countryside. Agra Pena still tried to meddle in her son's affairs from the outskirts of Rome. Just three years later in fifty nine C. Niro had had enough. He covertly attempted to kill her by sending her a self destructing boat. Agra Pena barely survived the shipwreck and managed to swim ashore. So Nero sent some sailors to finish her off. They found the battered Agra Pena back at her home in the countryside. The sailors beat her bloody and with her dying breath. She told them to stab her in the womb, the womb that bore the monster Nero. Emperor, Tiberius, once quipped that governing Rome was like holding a wolf by the years, but just as often the emperor was the wolf and the Roman empire was desperately holding its grip without the influence of his mother. The twenty one year old Niro was set loose like a wild animal destroying anything in his path in sixty four see what became known as the great fire blazed through Rome, over the course of six days, the flames destroyed much of the city, it was widely reported by historical sources that Nero himself had started the fire, although there was disagreement about his motivations, a year later, a conspiracy of statesmen plotted to assassinate Nero. He found out about the plan and had the conspirators executed. But Niro couldn't outrun his detractors forever in sixty. Eight. See the governor of Ghalia Luke Donen says in modern day. France, led an armed rebellion against Nero amid the chaos the entire praetorian guard abandoned the imperial palace and the Senate declared Nero, a public enemy bureau, too afraid to live, but too afraid to commit suicide forced his personal secretary to kill him the last ruler of Khalil's family lined was finally dead in the Julia Claudien dynasty came to an end. After Niro, emperors would rise and fall for nearly four hundred years until the Roman empires and enforce seventy six CE some rulers were good. Some were bad, but none became as notorious, as Colella given Caligula is reputation for insanity during his lifetime accounts of his antics, solely became more and more outlandish over the centuries due to Roman records, being lost or destroyed over the course of its history. It's hard to separate the truth from the fiction, whether or not the surviving stories are accurate Khalil is name has become synonymous with depravity and excess with that kind of reputation. His life has been perfect fodder for storytellers for nearly two thousand years, Robert graves nineteen thirty four novel. I Claudius portrays Colella as a cold blooded. Mega Loma Nyack murderer Albert, KOMO news. Absurdist play Colella published a decade later a matches the emperor as a suicidal philosopher who willfully manipulates the conspirators into killing him. But the most notorious portrayal of the mad emperor's reign is the nineteen seventy nine film Colella. In the early nineteen seventies the life and times of Caligula, piqued, the interest of Bob Guccione publisher of the adult magazine penthouse Bob, no stranger himself to living life, without limits became obsessed with bringing the story to the silver screen, his vision was to make a bio pic, about Colella that blended. The high budget splendor of a Hollywood production with the graphic sex of pornography films sparing. No expense. He hired one of the most acclaimed writers in America to pen, the script a man already famous for bringing history to life on the stage and screen gore Vidal. The two men didn't exactly share the same vision Guccione intended, the film to be an elaborate mega budget porno. Fidalgo on the other hand wanted to take a more serious look at how absolute power. Drove Caligula in. Madness even more concerning the script, he delivered contained several gay, sex scenes, and only one heterosexual seem, which was incestuous not good news for Guccione's target audience of penthouse subscribers after a series of long and vicious arguments, which culminated in Vidal telling time magazine that the film's directors were, quote parasites. The doll was axed, and the film's director Tinto brass rewrote, the script into a more lighthearted heterosexual political satire. The cameras finally started rolling in nineteen seventy six with Peter O'Toole, Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren, starring Tiberius Colella, and Maloney. Os's Neha respectively by most accounts. The production was a disaster. Bob Guccione, perhaps channel the bit of Colella himself continually harassing the director. Tito br. S into including hardcore unseemly lated, sex scenes when brass refused, Guccione, snuck back onto the set with a skeleton crew, and shot the scenes himself when the film was released in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine it was immediately as infamous says the emperor it was based on, due to its explicit sex, scenes it received an x rating from the MPAA and many countries banned it entirely. The film was panned by critics, but it became the highest grossing independently produced pornographic film of all time, grossing twenty three million dollars at the box office worth nearly seventy two million today. It became something of a cult classic. And the name Colella was reintroduced to American pop culture. These saga of the film's troubled production is eerily reminiscent of the feuds betrayals and power grabs that plagued the imperial palace. If Colella had been alive to see it. He might have been proud to see that his legacy was still alive, or he might be enraged that his legacy was cut short by a band of assassins. Most of whom were never punished. He may have wished. He just stayed in bed on the morning of the Palatine gains. Coming up. We'll look at what the world might have been like, if Kalita avoided Cassius cherry as assassination attempt. Now back to the story, the actions of just a few can affect the entire course of history. Let's examine what might have happened if Colella hadn't been killed on January twenty four th forty one CE on the morning of the Palatine games. Colella woke up feeling terribly ill his bodyguards and attendance tried to convince him to make an appearance at the games, but they're fussiness only made the emperor suspicious. Convince something was a foul. Colella went back to bed and told everyone to leave him alone, Cassius panicked his assassination plan was already in motion. He left his post to meet with his accomplices while he was gone, his fellow praetorian and co. Conspirator. Gratis. Realize the plan was unraveling there was only one way to save his own skin. He told kalibbala about Cassius assassination plan when Cassius came back. He found Caligula protected by a dozen praetorian guards. He met gratis. His is an instantly knew he was a traitor, Colella laughed, and ordered the guards to arrest Cassius and all his co conspirators after a speedy trial, Khalil ordered Cassius to a painful and humiliating death by torture. As a preventative measure, he ordered the praetorian guard to be decentralized from their camp in Rome. If even his most trusted bodyguards could plot to overthrow him perhaps, the military had been given too much power to begin with Colella set sail for Egypt as he'd intended to do for a while from the safety of foreign shores. He ruled for the rest of his. Natural life span, and ran the Roman empire directly into the ground. At the time of his death. Collegue Yetlis negligence had already led Rome into financial ruin. It was only Claudia says reforms that brought the empire back from the brink of collapse. It's quite possible that if Colella had continued to rule for decades, he may have been the third and final emperor of Rome. But it's equally possible that even from the safety of Egypt Colella wouldn't have lasted much longer. His chronic health problems might have led him to an early natural death, or the Senate or praetorian guard might have sent a team of assassins to track him down and get rid of him. Even if Caligula had died without leaving an heir, it's likely that in different circumstances, Claudius wouldn't have been chosen to succeed him. The choice to use Claudius as a puppet ruler was made by Cassius praetorian conspirators, many of. The other praetorian and most of the Senate strongly disagreed with the plan without the pressure from the praetorian guard. The Senate might have succeeded in their original plan of reverting, Rome's government to a Republic. The strict term limits and division of power set out by the original constitution of the Roman Republic would have prevented another dangerous. Dictator like Colella from gaining power. More authority would be placed back in the hands of the Senate and other legislative bodies that this might not have been a return to the glory days. There's been much debate among historians about what would have happened if Rome had continued as a Republic, but the prevailing theory is that it would have collapsed at the speed of light. The same corruption and intrigue, we saw in Colella circle were also a mainstay of Rome's earlier years, but while on emperor can easily be assassinated by a few wildly conspirators the republic's political struggles were much bigger in scale and much bloodier in the years leading up to Augusta says rule civil wars within the ever-growing empire were a red. Regular occurrence without a single long-term leader to take the reins rival senators governors and generals, constantly battled for dominance, usually Duke it out with armed militias appointing one emperor to run the show was actually much more stable, after all, if they proved to be too unqualified to rule. They could be removed with the flick of an assassin's knife. Reverting to a Republic probably would have thrust Rome back into instability, leading to an even quicker collapse than they were facing under colleague Yalies rule. Even if these set it had realized the flaw in their plan and appointed another emperor after Caligula. There's another factor worth considering if the praetorian guard hadn't put Claudius forward as the next emperor Claudius as wife wouldn't have plotted to overthrow him and steal the throne for her new lover and intern Claudius never would have been remarried to Agra Pena, the younger, she would have stayed on the remote island Caligula had exiled her to until her death and without Agra Pena around to pull the strings, her son Niro, probably never would have become emperor, either. This

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