Telo, Ruth Johanna, Patillo discussed on Blood on Gold Mountain: A Story from the 1871 LA Chinatown Massacre


A grievance against china could be no simple answer. You'll hang looked at the mob and wonder how many of his friends and associates were down there screaming for chinese blood. Telo brought his acts down onto the cornell. Ruth johanna match the people huddled inside listening to the roar of the crowd and watching as the explain chopped through their ceiling. After a few blows another man ran up and stuck his rifle through the whole patillo had made. There were a few muffled shots followed by the sound of a child crying and a woman's scream at the same moment a group of men clambered up onto the covered walkway carrying you stone like a battering ram. They paused for a moment marshalling. Their strength then slammed the stone into one of the doors. It gave on the third blow and the mob rushed forward sweeping over the walkway in a thick dark. Fresh as each man fought to be the first into the building down in the alley. Mayor ocoee lar- wheeled around on his pale horse. Come on boys sheriff. it's too late. There's nothing we can do here. The four of them spurred their mouths and galloped off to the north leaving chinatown and the mob in the dust of their wake. Joe hang drew back from the edge of the roof. He had seen enough to know that the mob was going to loot chinatown for all it was worth. If he wanted to secure his assets he'd have to move fast on the southeastern side of the row house. Some coaches and wagons had been drawn up to form a crude barrier across aliso street..

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