President Trump, David Shilling, NIA discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


On the tens. I'm Debbie Logica wtmj paella. W y dot com Time Saver Traffic But Sonny 45 today Clear skies tonight the load 28 It's 23 degrees in Milwaukee at seven. No one from the WTF. J breaking News Center. It's not the kind of record anyone wants to set. Wisconsin logging 107 Kobe 19 deaths yesterday. That's a new daily record. The Department of Health Services says the decrease in the processing of covert 19 tests and deaths over the weekends have numbers below average. For now, the state death toll from the pandemic at 3420. It's gonna be rough. I mean, there's there's no replacing her a fire department in Jefferson County, Grieving the loss of 42 year old GMs Captain Kelly raped her after she died on Thanksgiving from covert 19 town of Eggs. Oh, Nia's Fire Department chief David Shilling, telling TMJ four news. It's still hard, T O Imagine that the locker will remain Anthee and she's just not gonna be my partner. Shilling and razor had been partnered for 12 years she started with a department since 2005. Also working as an ER nurse at Aurora Medical Center and teaching nursing at Carroll University. We could be just a few weeks of that days away from the FDA approving a vaccine for Kobe 19 Medical College of Wisconsin president Dr John Raymond telling WTMJ. There's light at the end of the tunnel. It's very likely that the visor vaccine will be approved as early as December. 10th and the modern a vaccine as early as December, 17th based on their away filings, Dr Riemann sing frontline health workers and others at risk. See the vaccine By the end of the year, State Republicans introducing a slate of New Cup in 19 relief bills. One would give parents of students who learning from home $371. Republicans say the money would come from a pool already designed to be given to school districts across the state to help them manage this year that the amount totals to half of the per pupil aid increase the district's get this year. Teachers are opposed to the measure. They say it takes away from district There are already struggling to hang on one of the more powerful Republican lawmakers in the state, stepping away from the capital less than a month after winning reelection Marinette Republican John Nygren announcing Tuesday his plans to resign immediately. He served in medicine since 2007 and Culture the Joint Finance Committee after November's election. Longtime committee chairwoman Alberta Darling was ousted from her post, replaced by Senator Howard Mark Line. Governor Tony Evers will call a special election to fill Migrants vacancy. Meanwhile, the president continues challenging the results of Wisconsin's election. But the lawsuit being met with skepticism. I believe that the lawsuit filed by president of the United States has no merit governor reverses among those named in the lawsuit, which is asking the state's high court to throw out over 200,000 votes in Dane.

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