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Saint Louis blues, beating the San Jose Sharks last night in the Western Conference final winning the right to face the Bruins for Lord Stanley, Scott. Steno three. Let's check traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Good morning, Kevin. Good morning to call so fraud getting into downtown Boston here with that lower deck. Right back towards Medford square. You got the lever down ramp full and token, your back still on that Chelsea side. Storrow eastbound and get some heavy exiting delays here to government center, both the Sumner and the Ted Williams tunnel are still stuck here off of route one A trying to get through the tunnels themselves pike eastbound you're stalled out after one Twenty-eight over to Newton corner urinate, again, Fenway park in towards route ninety three one ninety northbound slow through the work zone here at Goldstar boulevard in Worcester expressway stop and go furnace brook up to Columbia. And then again, mass avenue, the O'Neill tunnel route three north still some brake lights coming up through union street twenty four north. You've got about a mile backup trying to get to ninety three here in Randolph and ninety five north. You're back to Nepal tip one twenty eight northbound brake lights here from route nine getting up through the mass pike on up towards route twenty up. Up to the north four ninety five northbound slow after two thirteen Methuen getting up to the cruise after ward hill. One twenty eight southbound still seeing delays main street to ninety three and then again again approaching route two in Lexington Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the three and in the forecast. What you see is what you get today. Plenty of sun, a couple of clouds. Nice breeze out there, too high. It's getting up to about seventy around the city and lower sixties out there in the Cape and islands, the usual,.

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