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I'm leaving tonight Thursday night on the red eye to get to Washington for rangers caps on Saturday afternoon. However, hoping all the flights can act that I get there. Otherwise, I'm just going to go fly around for the weekend. It's one of the two. Normally, see, this is the more zan ray Ferraro, because three, four or 5 years ago, that would stress you out. You would have been bothered by all of this. I'm going to ask you right now. You know, you've cleaned your driveway, partially. You've cleaned or you've helped the neighbors. Any chance to get note to Pearson so you could make sure that runway tonight is just cleaned when I land. You got anything to do with that? No, no, no, but I haven't checked on Twitter. Normally we have pictures of all the shenanigans and nonsense at Pearson by now. It's like a habit. It's like a part time. What's the weather like there? The early drag or why the report was too bad, but Islam looking good. You know what? I think there's freezing rain. That's what I read about. That's no good. It's no good because again, I don't know, you know, Pearson is 45 minutes from me. It's on the west side, so I'm assuming they got a similar amount of snow. It's not the snow. It's the freezing rain. So here's hoping that is the goal. What about you? What about you? What do we got? We got that leaf game on Friday. So looking forward to that, Toronto, and mini showed a wild, not much on Saturday, but we're on full on call watch here, right? Yeah, yeah. For any trade that comes along. At some point, you know, I don't know if you can tell or not, but so my hair dresser went down with COVID this week. Yeah. And my hair goes from just okay to long in like, it's like a chia pet, right? Drake's do not complain. My hair goes from nothing to nothing. Well, I'm hoping that, again, given the time away that Maura is no longer symptomatic and can cut my hair. You need a trim for the deadline. That's what you're worried about. Oh boy. All right, buddy. Well, travel safe. Thank you. And hopefully we get in and out of there into Washington, do the game, and then back home for Sunday.

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