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By the end of the first year i was a pro i've been defined tree a couple of days in mexico which is just phenomenal y'all look up some of the videos online everything i mean patrol and do everything from the growing process of the balling to court the on their own cork company i mean it's amazing everything apart and on the other side of company just to say what we're saying how good they are everybody in mexico highs free schooling free education you have daycares everybody gets picked up by their houses and taking a work i mean you go down this factory and it's like an amusement park they have their own swimming swimming lessons to the kids everybody has medical coverages to work there is a huge owner and the tone of tequila talking about savvy business you've started your the founder of race car coaches dot com which i think is really cool because most drivers are see are given individual driving coach chain but you've created this network of experienced drivers and offer they call it the yelp of driver coaches websites and tells a little bit more about that and why chose to go that wrote instead of just offering your own personal services so it came from that i mean my every drive especially for drivers of additional kind of supplementary income comes from coaching and so a lot of the questions i i did a fair amount of coaching especially in slow years depaz three or four years i've been doing too much racing which is a great promo have grin s just may do multiple series gets tired and i've been changes so what happened was a lot of the clients i had wanted referrals no then you come into different levels of drivers and income.

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