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When it comes to business lending, they make it personal and listen to what matters to you Learn more at byline Thanks dot com Traffic and weather together on the tense at 7 40 deBlasio still get a situ out there, right? Yeah. North found on 94 in Kenosha County, just north of Highway a. The two right lanes blocked right now because of an accident. They're still doing the cleanup that one. So just be careful around that otherwise eastbound 90 for looking at a 17 minute ride from Highway 16 in a downtown. Westbound side. Also looking at 16 17 minutes, 40 once up on highway cute zoo 15 that's looking good South on 43 round here wrote to the Marquis That'll take you 12, the north bound side of 43 90 for late night downtown. Just 27 minute ride with traffic and weather together on the tents. I'm nebulas m j w ay dot com J five Day forecast still chilly out there this morning, but the winds are starting to calm down. We'll have more sunshine for today. A high of only 42 degrees for tonight, mainly clear Low 30 for Saturday. Halloween mostly sunny, windy and mild, with the high late in the day up to 56. There's a slight chance of showers Saturday night, but they should be out of here on Sunday. Partly cloudy, windy and cold on Sunday High 40 Monday mostly sunny 48 Tuesday, mostly studying Mile the high 56 meteorologist Brian Niznansky, with the storm team forecast Manito of 32 Franklins. 98 Milwaukee 29. W. T. M. J somewhere. A guy named Charlie Murphy is sporting a huge grin These days..

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