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Hey guys huge fan of all of you. I'm just curious with all the mock draft and real draft. You've done so far. Where's your favorite spot to dry from. Thank you great question. Britney thanks for that one a bigger fan of she's edges a huge fan of bolivars. If she's still alive you're gonna answer me. I have to admit. I took matthews advice last year and took daniel jones and the draft report. The other guys right now. that's fair. Britney that's fair expecting stefan. You assume that was. I assume every britney i apologize. Thank you for being a fan after that brutal call from last year. Me the blue that call. It's also dave cattleman so come on. Let's be honest spicy for matthew. Iran is not an accurate. Let's talk about our favorite drafters mike. So let's assume heck ten or twelve team league. Where do you think you would like to be whether it's one specific spot or range of spots it. Look i i hate to give this answer but pick your spot. Y'all stand alex man. I don't have a major issue with any spot. If i'm if i'm picking someone just says. Go pick your spy gate. I i just take mccaffrey. I'll just take that number one spa. However i'm going to twelve team draft right now and there's matthew berry guy and i'm picking up the tw- i'm picking twelve at that turn. And i gotta be honest. Dominating this draft. Just have dominating this nick chubb antonio gibson robber woods amari cooper brand. Ut higgins noah. Fan russell wilson. I mean just complete dominance from the twelve watt. I know has a chance. Here are my team. My team in that league is pretty good too. Oh no. I don't think so. I don't i don't think so anyway. That's from the twelfth. So let's say i'm in the five spot and i in that particular league and go ahead. Yeah derrick henry. Decay metcalf chris carson. Adam theon josh allen. Tyler boyd logan thomas. I like some of those guys. There's a lot of older players there. Though that makes you a little nervous dynasty or what. No it's the best ball. It's a it's a. It's a one quarterback best ball interesting so rate your question brittany i would. It depends on sort of the league that you're in and what your rules are but assuming you're playing on. Espn santa league which is a one quarterback league ten team. I agree with mike. I want the first pick. But i think i'd really want to be in the first four picks got. I think there are four running backs that are are really five. I mean zeke in there as well sort sorta. I think there are five running backs that are super super safe if you want to like sort of nitpick. Is there a concern. That derrick henry doesn't get all the touchdowns that he has previously because he doesn't really catch a lot of passes is they're concerned about chimera if tastes hill is the starter in you. Know he averaged fourteen fantasy points per game when taste was started last year. And so like again if you want to nitpick so maybe in the first three but honestly i think in the upper half of the draft because wide receiver so deep. I want one of those running backs where there's really no questions at all feels like sort of a dead zone. The place where you may not want to be is seven through nine ten. If it's ten team league at least you have back to back. Picks potentially feel good about other having elite wide receiver. Play on your on your roster or two running back to the rock. Solid gets a little bit sort of hairier between six. Seven eight nine. We're having to decide to take that last running back or do i take that first wide. Receiver yeah i mean. That's a good spot to get travis. Kelsey though which. I'm i'm more than happy to do in the first round but i will say this another advantage to the first overall pick is when you come back around the two-three area. I mean there's some serious talent i mean if you start mccaffrey who could come back and go a justin jefferson and potentially aj brown. I mean that's about where they're going. Maybe keenan allen or even clyde edwards delay or someone like that. If you wanna go running back. I mean there are seriously a lot of talent at that youth return and that's that's fantastic. You can really get a good one two three start pick. Five is my favorite spot this year. Only because i feel good. I'll get any of my top five running backs and then i am closest up for my second round. Pick so pick five hundred my sweet in the middle like that especially you. Don't get caught on a at the end of any runs. If there's a position run then you're you're not sort of like stuck at the end trying to figure out where you wanna go understanding that matthew usually picks first base off of reverse order last. Standings wow i know it's unfamiliar when i play together in the war room league. Would you like to come visit my trophy. Because i know i can't come visit yours. I've been for a few years so give me some time. I'm calling a win this year in the warmly got. Let me ask you a couple of questions here And a michael start with you. What is the right time. And take the top of the single positions players at other quarterback or end. How soon for a quarterback how soon for tight end well. My my zone for quarterback is really around six and seven looking at it. Twelve team league. So maybe even a pinch later and attend teamer but like dak prescott lamar jackson. That's my really where i'm going for. I want one of those guys that we know. They have elite ceilings. Last time we saw. Jackie was qb to For a full season then obviously he was on pace for over seven thousand yards early last season before his injury. And of course. Lamar jackson seen him be the qb one before so. I liked that tear at quarterback..

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