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Sort of sided film nations. That's where you have that. Why judge and dr moosa even though he is actually african he's just like another version about wide figure. Father is played by off the Whom you see in other guys as authority figure. I think he's just that idea. That will not quite with the song. Everything changes faces but it sort of stays insane. So i mean he's just like another variant. He's african he's just another barrier of one of the characters that you've seen anderson is trying to suggest that he's not really african. He's just another one of these kind of rotating faces who were basically all the same corrupt person i mean. I didn't mention that if there was a very big deal. I read about this and woods. Book very purposefully. They had the Red white and blue kind of a union jack on their school ties and so it was just like hey. This school is representing england. And when you come to a lucky man. There are a lot of things that are representing england. And of course britannia right there in the name. So it's like we are constantly taking shots at the powers that be and just saying this is all fucked up and you really need to pay attention to it. I was also kind of happy that the fictional country that he is a head of is in zinn gara and i had to go and look ups in gara gara and find out that it was a fictional land in one of robert e howard's conan books so talk about We're talking about racism. And i thought that fit in pretty well since robbery. Howard was accused a lot of being racist. That's something that. I had no idea until i learned it from you. Mean it could just be a coincidence. I'm it might have been just slightly different spelling and there was also nothing about that insurance book. So i could just be pulling that right out of my ass. I wouldn't be surprised. Because i feel like he weaves in so many literary references like into but it's also really hard to picture lindsay anderson like sitting around reading conan. Comex i just like i can't. That's what that's what's in the binder at the end of a lucky man. Those are conan comics of the other hand. I feel that one of the problems that british critics tended to.

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