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Cillian murphy good no three windows were timesuck but you're going langer who broken i would aim at that morning the payloads done i marley you're listening to my talk one of seven one every and uh well it's not it's not all the time that we have so much new music on a monday yeah dan we do what the music god's are just giving us from jam they are actually this is a pretty big deal because we did not know we were getting new music from none other than eminem and beyond say two of the great seidel love that they collapsed gather yes skirl okay so i guess cheesy kind of i think had a hand in convincing beyond city do this song but i think this is really call we've got another album coming from eminem which is a big deal i think it's his first in four years or something like that yeah it is and it's going to be called revival so this is called walk on water bagged gonna play a piece of it for you in the actual thing it does have words that are nsf w for work but we won't play thought that yasser sample is not gonna say jason smith prints.

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