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He was from Wake Forest university in North Carolina. He only recently passed away a few years ago, but he believes the characters on the front of the idol a pre Shang Linnea Chinese oh from two thousand BC now he understands language, right? And he claims they give direction. Nhs. They give you directions to locate an orchard and a fishing place, and if a future Chinese travelers through that valley. So it's pretty wheat. And while I was searching him Elliott, I found this obscure article talking about Dr Hinden m Harris junior again, another linguists studying East Asian cultures. He's pasta. Why now, but he has the story of back in nineteen seventy two he was in some random and take shop in Korea. And he. Neely he found he found himself kind of weak like he had to sit down. He was really exhausted for some reason. So he sits down and he finds just next to his seat this primitive ancient map so on hunt. She just kind of unrolls this old map, and it's all in classical Chinese, and it's showing it's showing China, of course. But it's showing the landmasses it's kind of like almost a world map the United Chinese and North America should be. It has this landmass cold. Fhu sung. So the idea that the Chinese came to North America ancient ancient Chinese canton, North America is not a crazy wild idea and most Chinese claim that FU song is a myth. But there's a Chinese classic called the Sean hygiene which dates back to again, twenty two hundred base eight which is with is supposed languages from on this Awdal and in his ancient, Sean hygiene, text, it describes FU song in detail, and it gives all these details at some skulls of believe point out things like the Grand Canyon. Also, actual geographical. Phase you features of North America. Interesting. So it's not crazy that this thing has the ancient Chinese on. However, he we go again, this some weed problems lack the translation on statue the opening Sean or mountain poss- at the top of the column and the Ma. Character or horse in the center of the column, they're written sideways. Yeah. I was just thinking that it looks like it's yeah. They're the wrong way round is at all written and the final character. He has no idea what it is. He's never seen it before. So again, there's like this element of doubt this element of it doesn't quite one hundred percent match up. But in order for it to be Hoechst. That means whoever did it must have had a knowledge of Chinese. These languages from twenty two hundred base Basie, and no one's going to that much f it surely sure I mean, it's not like I mean, this was found in the nineteen twenties as well. So it's not like they could have gotten on the internet and just found this, and and then sixteen.

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