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On Quintard Avenue in Anniston mayor Jack draper says the issue was put on tomorrow night's work session agenda after hearing from numerous residents on both sides of the issue cool temperatures means we can let up on the air conditioning a bit tonight with a sleep a little better I need about just west why giving us our first alert weather forecast west yeah nice little treat out there tonight the temperatures that the heat's backed off a little bit with that a little surge of cooler drier air you can tell it I mean seventy two right now in Shelby County will go over to our new sky vision side here at the university of Montevallo the winds around the north and three miles per hour this guy is mostly clear at the moment let's show you what is going to look like when you head out the door in the morning and held out a temperature near fifty four degrees in Fayette Jasper early in the day gas in I mean we are talking about quite the cool down overnight some of these outlying locations and they were coming up on the last full week of June here and we're talking about some chilly weather early in the day tomorrow but it won't take long to we'll see those temperatures by seven o'clock warming close to seventy degrees I want to show you the out the door check list here by the way I just want to remind you even though it's going to feel cooler in the morning and be sure to remember the sunscreen added to the outdoor checklist because we will have plenty of sunshine in the mix tomorrow although there will be some clouds that will start to build in there later on in the day that code radar I just wanna show you we did have a couple isolated showers earlier across south western areas those had dissipated and we are looking at a dry sweep right now across central Alabama watching to the Far East and noticed that back to back to the eastern kind of us been going on in the atmosphere there's a storm system there across the Carolinas Jill talked about this earlier today we've been mentioning the possibility of some rain and state east of us and we're on the far western side of this thing and there's a possibility tomorrow Wednesday Thursday we could see a few isolated showers maybe a stray thunderstorm more than likely for locations east of interstate sixty five if we see anything so check the first alert weather app you may get a lightning alert but the chance for rain is very low bottom line here I would plan on watering the lawn watering the garden because you'll see that the forecast data doesn't show a whole lot as far as rain goes but it does so this nice to arts and nice mornings there he again you can see early Tuesday and as we look at Tuesday around two o'clock temperatures topping out in the low to mid eighties not too bad a few clouds again in the mix but there will be some sunshine there throughout the day tomorrow evening another pleasant evening wanna get out there clean the grill and plan on doing a little grilling out for supper time tomorrow night sounds like a good plan because it's going to feel quite comfy Wednesday morning we start off around a sixty four degrees on average and then it looks like another afternoon with highs in the mid to upper eighties now that he is really going to start to kick in as we get closer to father's day weekend and you'll see what we're talking about here Thursday and Friday you can see we jump up to near ninety degrees all first alert for some hotter weather and we got isolated on there for that chance just a stray shower or thunderstorm now Saturday this weekend by the way marks the official start of summer the summer solstice arriving just after four thirty on Saturday so the temperatures are hotter weather right on time there with the high of the not ninety one degrees notice father's day at the ninety three and if you're going to be around Talladega I know we got the a race happening there Sunday afternoon much hotter conditions but the pattern is kind of in a you know a lot of blocking set up right now with not a lot of change through midweek but I will tell you early next week it looks like maybe a pattern change and a much better chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms so I plan on the next better chance of rain back in here for early next week and we'll have plenty of updates of course making will be back with updates on good day Alabama starting at four AM give her a call for changes in law enforcement tonight we're on your side with a look at how some offices are trained here in Alabama pepco committed to maintaining a strong.

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