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I'm talking to our friend Bill Federer. You can find him at American minute dot com and other places. He's written many wonderful books. Bill, you were just sharing something that is really not often enough mentioned. It's almost never mentioned. So take us back before we have king Saul roughly a thousand BC for 400 years after between Moses and Saul. We have millions of people, the nation of Israel, effectively governing themselves. What am I missing? Right, so Yale has on its coat of arms. Hebrew characters. The scholars at this time were called Christian hebraists, John Sadler, whose sister Anne married John Harvard. You had all these different scholars studying this first 400 year period when Israel came out of Egypt before they got king song. Now, one of my books I wrote is called who was the king in America? And I actually spent a few years researching every century of recorded human history from the elamites, which became Persia to the Assyrian to the neo Assyrians, the Babylonians to Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, 2000 years of Egyptian pharaohs, 5000 years of Chinese emperors, Indian maharajas, the whole world, the most common form of governments, kings. And with military advancements, these kingdoms get bigger to find the king of England had the biggest. But the first instance in recorded human history of a nation with no king is Israel that first 400 years when they came out of Egypt. So 1400 BC, give or take a couple century Israel comes out of Egypt and for 400 years, no can. We don't really appreciate it until you realize when you look at all the other countries. That this is the first instance in all of recorded human history of a nation with millions of people in no

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