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In st charles and belleville and downtown if he arching just by the way it's currently sixty nine degrees and jupiter florida us of this he's over dr country who understand we can't stop ourselves newsradio eleven twenty kmox eight forty two welcome back in counting down the days until spring training sixty nine degrees in jupiter florida it'll be in the fifties though by this weekend and this morning in the news we had news of another false missile launch notification vis one in japan that's two in the last three days and meantime our health editor fred bottomless telling us that the cdc is offering workshops in states on how to survive a nuclear bomb is this a new reality for us charlie brennan i hope not what's going on zero someone hacking or something while the one on the one in hawaii was operator yet on the wrong vying you governor agape took the blame for that italy's they've been reassigned the person who miss clicked in hawaii at least well let's hope which is still of his are random coincidence that two of these ballistic gum bombs are shall shy say errors i don't mean bomb and the railway errors are just coincidental let's hope so uh hopefully it's nothing more than that well i think that it's really disconcerting that just you know miss amiss played bag placed click could end up making the entire state of hawaii think that it's under the threat of a nuclear attack in its hook forty minutes to correct the issue to me number one how could it be that easy to make the air but the number two how especially in this day and age can it take forty entire minutes to send out a correction to say never mind that was a mistake lipids there was they had to call the it guy at home and wake him up and say how do we get in here and take this back and he had the vpns and set up a new template it was it was a deal to get that alert resulted in how those people felt for forty minutes.

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