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I'm CLYDE Lewis. You're listening ground. Zero mama Cass, Elliot. Delivering John Phillips in the mamas. Mukamba's had an urban legend about her stating that she died from choking on a ham sandwich. Of course is untrue and she died of heart attack. However, what is truly odd is mama cat dive in July twenty ninth nineteen seventy four departments. You read it from Harry Nilsson. Died of a heart attack while she was almost four years later on September seven thousand nine hundred seventy eight keep Boone the drummer of the who died in the exact same apartment. Is mama Cass did caused the death thirty two clemency pills? He took to reduce his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. He took those pills on a doctor's prescription. But the doctor instructed moon to take no more than three pills a day in creepy. Coincidence. The who released the album who are you on August eighteenth, nineteen seventy eight and it featured a photograph of Terry O'Neill of the ban a. Photographed by Terry O'Neill of the band's atop a stack of their own equipment and the shepherd studios history. England for the photo moon had insisted on sitting on a chair with his back to the camera because he had a distended stomach from all the alcoholism. Ironically, the chair said not to be taken away weeks later he was taken away from us. Slava album cover coincidences in strange this tonight, John caffeine with us and also doctor demento, you know, I remember all the different albums that had weird messages restraints on the Abbey Road album, of course, with the pointing out that maybe Paul is dead Beagles hotel, California saying that Anton the bay was there. In the in the middle sleep cover. And of course, if you use the UPC code on Michael Jackson's thriller. It actually was a telephone number to never land. I mean, he just there was a lot of things about this time of rock and roll were hidden messages are hidden. Meaning we're putting the album's on records. Be do you know of any that I've overlooked? Anybody? Whole lot. But I mean, we also in the room about the sixties and seventies is people were taking a lot more hallucinogenic drugs at that time than previous times in the history is our culture. So. People people would think up whether under whether they were hallucinations, or whatever people would think up these things and ponder these things. They listen to dark side of the moon in their mind would wander and they hit upon the strange coincidence. And. Build the buildings molehills into mountains. And there was a lot more of that going on than there had been earlier. So you think a lot of this mystique about rock and roll happened because of L S D trips. I mean, I I can understand that somebody saw something and they ran into it. And that's why they were able to, you know, come up with these ideas for sure LSD or just plain old marijuana. Yeah. I guess back. Then marijuana was a little much. That sort of thing. You know, John mentioned three quarts of booze in one night. John. There were a lot of rumors about punk to about a number of scenes. I remember what are the things that? I was told the first time I was watching news reports about the Sex Pistols in how they'd spit on the audience or they would vomit on the audience was that all hype that all hyper was that truth. I think that there was definitely some truth to it because they wanted to be noticed and they wanted to be antagonistic. And unfortunately for all of the other punk bands dot was the thing that kind of killed their chances. A commercial success dot really was something that I've always have believed was a big deterrent for the Ramones earlier. You had mentioned some of my work with them. I produced and directed the Ramones raw documentary, and I added a Johnny Ramones autobiography I continue managing DD Ramones estate and worked with them for many years there were my childhood heroes. And to me, they were always the greatest rock and roll band and Wednesday every time they had a new album. They always believed that in particular, Joey. That they were finally going to have a hit but radio stations would just not play them because they were categorized as punk and punk had this bad reputation. As a result of things that bands like the Sex, Pistols had done for attention and to create hype in the media. So a lot of that. Yes was true. But a lot of it was also just limited to the Sex Pistols trying to get attention and sensationalism which worked for them. But destroyed the chances for a lot of the the bands like the Ramones who could have had commercial success during their lifetime. But sadly, the world didn't fully accept them until they passed away. I was really surprised when I was growing up in Salt Lake City. How punk took off in Salt Lake. We had the cosmic airplane. We used to go there to get our punk albums. Devaux new wave B fifty twos. All that was huge in Utah. And I thought maybe you.

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